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Car SafetyWhen it comes to the overall top-notch a motor vehicle, elements from safety to fuel performance must certanly be analyzed. Dependability in addition definitely plays a crucial role. Much better construction not only indicates greater confidence within investment, but additionally a lot fewer trips to correct maker problems.

The info specialists at AxleGeeks sought out the car companies because of the fewest cars suffering from protection recalls since Jan. 1, 2015. With data from nationwide Highway visitors Safety Administration, we rated the companies from most to fewest affected vehicles. However, the full total amount of vehicles made by a given producer is unavailable, rendering it impossible to determine what percentage of a brand’s automobiles eventually fall prey to maker problems. Lower level of production will obviously trigger fewer vehicles afflicted with recalls. An authority on automobiles and vehicle brands, AxleGeeks recently established an app to give users using the latest home elevators the go.

Note: Although we considered recalls reported after Jan. 1, 2015, they don't necessarily influence cars manufactured in 2015 and, indeed, are more likely to affect older designs.

#10. Hyundai

Final number of Recalled automobiles: 1, 568, 871
Total Number of Recalls: 15

Since 2015, Hyundai administered 15 recalls that impacted almost 1.6 million vehicles.

#9. BMW

Total Number of Recalled Vehicles: 1, 568, 305
Total Number of Recalls: 19
Brands: BMW, Mini

BMW has released 19 recalls since 2015, influencing over 1.5 million designs and surpassing totals reported by various other deluxe makers like Mercedes- Benz.

#8. Mercedes-Benz

Final number of Recalled cars: 1, 203, 210
Final number of Recalls: 22
Brands: Mercedes-Benz, Smart

In 2016, the true luxury maker released recalls on just under 850, 000 models, over doubling the total amount of designs impacted in the earlier 12 months.

number 7. Kia

Final number of Recalled automobiles: 962, 169
Final number of Recalls: 8

Kia observed an increase in recalls since 2015, with more than 950, 000 models impacted, close to a six-fold increase from 2014. Inspite of the surge in recalls, it nevertheless reported a lot fewer automobiles relying on recalls than Ford and Chevrolet.

number 6. Volkswagen Group

Total Number of Recalled Vehicles: 695, 682
Final number of Recalls: 21
Brands: Audi, Porsche, Volkswagen

Since 2015, Volkswagen Group has released 21 recalls influencing nearly 700, 000 vehicles impacted.

#5. Subaru

Final number of Recalled automobiles: 617, 218
Final number of Recalls: 6

In just over 600, 000 models reported for recalls, Subaru reported far a lot fewer affected cars than many other manufacturers like Hyundai and Chrysler.

number 4. Land Rover

Total Number of Recalled cars: 241, 103
Final amount of Recalls: 10

The luxury producer given 10 recalls influencing over 200, 000 of its models.

#3. Tesla

Final amount of Recalled cars: 59, 415
Total Number of Recalls: 1

Tesla administered only 1 recall since 2015 that affected slightly below 60, 000 vehicles.

# 2. Volvo

Final amount of Recalled automobiles: 45, 318
Final number of Recalls: 15

Volvo features granted 15 recalls since 2015, influencing only 45, 000 designs — a far autumn from totals reported by luxury rivals like BMW.

#1. Jaguar

Total Number of Recalled Vehicles: 13, 427
Total Number of Recalls: 5

In just five recalls issued since 2015, only 13, 427 Jaguar models had been suffering from recalls.

Note: Because total manufacturing figures per brand name tend to be unavailable, our company is not able to determine the percentage of automobiles eventually needed repair works due to manufacturer flaws. Reduced level of production will normally induce less automobiles afflicted with recalls.



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