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Many things spring to mind whenever discussing World War One – the stalemate of trench warfare, the horrors of Passchendaele, the poetry of Sassoon and McRae while the massive reduced life on all sides.

it is easy to forget the impact of this younger automotive business through the war, whether it's on battlefields or the house front. The firms that offer several of today’s preferred automobiles – Renault, Ford, Citroen, BMW plus – all participated within the conflict, and never into the means you have thought.

With all the centenary associated with outbreak of war on 4 August 1914 soon upon us, it's an ideal time for you to look right back on the car firms with the most prominent connections toward very first World War.


As good as the stock gold Ghost design had been – Rolls-Royce was in fact making it for eight many years because of the outbreak of war – it did require some beefing-up for battlefield life. Armour cladding filled in for the coach-built bodywork on buyer vehicles, many included a rotating machine-gun turret on the top.

Though used extensively from the west Front, Rolls-Royce’s armoured cars are perhaps most famous with regards to their exploits at the center East. The famous T.E. Lawrence used all of them extensively into the Arabian campaigns, and famously continued record to state “a Rolls when you look at the wilderness is above rubies”.

World War One also played part in establishing Rolls-Royce as an aero-engine producer. Despite just providing three machines during the time, and even though it was never ever in a position to completely match need, Rolls-Royce’s devices ended up running more than half associated with aircraft used by the Allies during war. By the time the next World War started, its famous Merlin machines would run Spitfires, Hurricanes, Lancaster bombers and countless more plane over the skies of Europe and Asia.


Of the many car makers to take part in World War One, Renault was by some margin many energetic.

Like Rolls-Royce, Renault performed initially donate to the French war work by providing vehicles on armed forces. Much more impressively, every Renault taxi-cab in Paris ended up being temporarily repurposed as a troop transport in 1914, to greatly help counter the German offensive during First Battle of Marne.



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