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Tesla’s brand name has somewhat increased in price over the past 12 months, especially since the Model 3 unveiling in addition to a lot more than 373, 000 reservations it obtained. Having said that, Volkswagen’s brand took a large hit following the ‘Dieselgaste’ scandal, so much so that Tesla has now surpassed the company’s VW brand in “brand value”.

BrandZ published its annual report regarding the 100 best companies and Tesla knocked VW from the top 10 in the car category.

The BrandZ report is a well known annual analysis report because of the Millward Brown group. The company says that it uses data attracted from interviews with more than three million customers worldwide.

The group valued Tesla’s brand the very first time and estimated it at $4.4 billion (the brand name – perhaps not the entire business) – adequate to achieve the tenth position. BrandZ highlighted the following about Tesla in its report:

“The Tesla brand name has arrived to express far more than breathtaking cars; it also means breakthrough technology and exhilarating performance. Tesla became a symbol of a new way of living – clean, bright, innovative and forward-thinking. Tesla’s pioneering spirit, as personified by president Elon Musk, conveys an urgency to lose the old means of doing things. Earlier this present year, 325, 000 (note: now 373, 000) customers were therefore enamored with the eyesight of, in addition to emotion radiating from the brand that they deposit a $1, 000 deposit on a vehicle they'd however to see. In this case, eyesight and emotion combined generate real money.”

As the Volkswagen’s group VW ended up being surpassed by Tesla, the company still has its Audi brand into the top 10 with a valuation standing at $9.5 billion, however it lost 6% since last year – due mainly to its relationship with Volkswagen.

top ten car brands whilst ends up, it seems like Volkswagen was definately not the actual only real automaker discovered becoming cheating on car emissions, but because the very first is caught, it took the largest hit in term of picture.

Over time, Tesla had its fair share of bad promotion too, but BrandZ highlights the organization’s impressive using smart advertising and marketing over quick marketing and advertising:

“Tesla, a new entrant in to the BrandZ™ Top 100 in 2010, is amongst the brand-new young ones on the market. Its brand marketing marketing and advertising influence reveal a pattern typical to new and up-and-coming brands. Tesla’s brand equity is continuing to grow lots over the past couple of years, even though notoriously perhaps not a supporter of old-fashioned above-the-line marketing and advertising, the couple of marketing and advertising bucks it will spend have cultivated visibly both in value and effectiveness in 2015 when compared with previous years, therefore we see this manifest it self in increased impact on both conversation but additionally search consequently. On top of that, brand-supported interest and buzz continues to increase on the long-term. Like numerous younger brands, Tesla reveals the effect of efficient marketing – in whatever channel – on driving development; so when its brand name gets more powerful, so its communications be more efficient and much more good at transforming into brand name equity. This will be a virtuous group: the more activity a brand does, the greater amount of individuals will understand it; together with more a brand could folks, the greater amount of significant – and so efficient – its marketing becomes.”

Interestingly, BrandZ refers to Tesla’s brand as ‘Tesla’ and categorizes it in the vehicle group. Tesla’s formal organization name's ‘Tesla Motors’, but the company branched out in the vitality storage space business under its ‘Tesla Energy’ unit. The business recently acquired the ‘’ domain also it looks like its brand name is growing and diversifying.



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