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Car Manufacturing process

Vehicle Armoring Process

In a typical armored automobile the whole passenger area is enclosed in lightweight composite armors that are impervious to all handgun and submachine gun munitions. Two types of armor are utilized within the armoring process, transparent and opaque.

Transparent armor is employed for the windows and consist of dense layered ballistic cup that's laminated to a challenging internal spall shield of resistant polycarbonate. Opaque armor is composed of lightweight composite armor (Spectra Shield), high-hardened ballistic steel, along with other specific ballistic materials.

Armored Vehicle Process Step 1Once the automobile was armored, it's reassembled to mirror the original factory finish.

Armoring Step 1

Once the client's automobile and deposit have now been received, a work order is put in result describing the materials and degrees of protection that the owner of the vehicle has requested. It's at this point that the armoring procedure can begin.

Tx Armoring Corporation begins the process of armoring our automobiles by within the whole area for the car with specialized 3M™ safety tape.

Armored Vehicle Process Step 2

Armoring Step 2

We after that completely dismantle the interior of the car, revealing only its frame. All interior parts of the car are removed and assigned a number corresponding toward vehicle to ensure that absolutely nothing is misplaced.

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The procedure is continued by calculating the ground, roof, doors, and firewall, which allows united states to reduce and construct the items of ballistic product required to protect every one of these places. These products stop any kind of material fragments from penetrating the traveler area.

Armoring Step Three

Armoring car Process Step 3It are at now that individuals also take away the gasoline container to guard it with ballistic nylon and protect it with a water-resistant coating. TAC then assesses the suspension and stopping systems of this vehicle and modifies them to support the additional weight due to the armor.

Armoring Step

We after that cut the Spectra Shield® that we install within each door and pillar/post. We additionally put it behind a corner seats to offer the people associated with vehicle maximum security.

Armoring Step 5

We follow by covering the battery, fuse box, and ECM with safety ballistic steel.

Armoring Action 6

After that, we install the nearly 2" thick bullet-proof cup house windows. These are designed to fit OEM screen networks, going for an ideal factory finish.

Armoring Action 7

Eventually, the automobile is outfitted with superior run-flat-tire inserts. Additional options, including protective abilities, tend to be worked in through the entire process.

Armored Disc Brake Tx Armoring Corporation car Process Step 4 Armoring Bulletproof Process Step 5 Armored car Fuse Box



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According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, auto mechanics have an annual fatal accident rate of 4.3 per 100,000,  about equal to that of plumbers. Chart here: 


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