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Manufacturing in MexicoLooking to cut transport costs, minmise stock & get products to advertise quicker? Understand the advantages and challenges before you take automotive, aerospace or commercial manufacturing south of this border.

Due to the fact automotive and aerospace industries grow more and more competitive, some of the top players in both sectors have or tend to be moving production to Mexico, for good reasons:

  • Skilled, inexpensive labor force: not merely may be the work pool talented and experienced, it is significantly more affordable in Mexico than it really is in the usa.
  • Advanced technology and infrastructure: includes modern industrial parks, strong utility infrastructure and $226 billion purchased Mexico’s offer chain infrastructure (rail, roadway and port improvements) since 2006.
  • Affordable land: the us government is almost giving land away in an attempt to entice tasks, company and production.
  • Duty-free imports, taxation credits & incentives: maquiladoras work in free-trade zones, enabling companies to import materials and equipment without having to pay taxes or tasks, then re-exporting completed services and products. The Mexican government also offers multiple rewards, from capital equipment grants and help with infrastructure to real-estate funds, the Aerospace Training Center in Querétaro and income tax credits.
  • Distance towards the U.S. and Canada: Mexico is nearby, making for a faster, less complex offer sequence and reduced gasoline and transportation prices.
  • Environment benefits: almost sourcing in Mexico is good for environmental surroundings because faster transportation roads leave an inferior carbon footprint.

Major automotive manufacturers tend to be operating prices south
These aspects, in conjunction with federal government bonuses have actually attracted a Who’s that of makers south of this border. Today, a lot of the major players – Ford, Chrysler, General Motors, Volkswagen, Nissan, and Mazda have actually or are creating plants in Mexico. Honda will start a plant in Celaya in 2014 and Audi in San Jose in 2016. Also, almost 200 automotive parts flowers are found in Mexico, producing HVAC, framework structures, engine components, windshields, seating and electric batteries. In fact, more parts are designed in Mexico today than previously.

Aerospace in Mexico is taking off

From the aerospace side, U.S. and Canadian businesses tend to be taking subassemblies and elements to Mexico to be made or put together and transported to plane producers in Wichita or Seattle. In an attempt to attract production company, hawaii has actually exposed the Aerospace University of Queretaro – instruction engineers, technicians, providers and administrators for tasks in aerospace.



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