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WIKISPEED is excited to announce that starting today, you're able to purchase WIKISPEED vehicles and automobile parts or even support our jobs with Bitcoin. We believe the decentralised, open and internet-native nature of Bitcoin resonates profoundly using essence regarding the WIKISPEED task.
Our title, WIKISPEED, not just reflects the system origin of your task but more importantly, how the network itself is the core of your methodology. Like a Wikipedia article, our cars are made and built by groups of collaborative volunteer teams distributed across the world. Likewise, our design and understanding is available and readily available for anyone to utilize and enhance. The ‘Wiki’ way of physical manufacturing enables WIKISPEED teams to perform complex jobs in a portion of enough time and also at a portion of the price of industry norms.
The networked and open nature for the Bitcoin financial system allows its users to do deals at substantially less expensive cost and at significantly faster rate, around the world. WIKISPEED and Bitcoin have in common which they permit freely-assembled groups and folks to execute activities that formerly needed bureaucracies, businesses, and/or nations.
The very first time ever sold, it is currently possible to get a vehicle manufactured by a distributed, collaborative firm utilizing money given by no bank. We see this as a landmark inside maturation of web: a step ahead into the convergence of tasks driven by networking logics in most fields of real human life. This convergence of system culture, network manufacturing and system business economics holds the promise to fundamentally change the globe, bringing right back power to the individuals. A global where an open source automobile are available with available supply cash is already a unique world with new and interesting potential.
Bitcoin can be employed to choose the restricted edition WIKISPEED SGT01, a replica of our X-Prize winning prototype for $25.000 USD. An appropriate commuter car, the WIKISPEED C3, is within development and will also be Bitcoin-compatible at launch. We try to deliver the C3 as a complete car for $17, 995 USD and also as a kit for $10, 000 USD. All WIKISPEED cars are ultra-efficient, standard, safety-tested, and deliver 100mpg or even more. He also have exposed an internet shop where WIKISPEED car parts can be obtained at Because Bitcoin transfer fees are significantly lower than those of traditional methods, we're supplying a 3per cent discount in all our rates when payed in Bitcoin.
Funding when it comes to growth of the WIKISPEED C3 commuter automobile is currently being conducted through a crowdfunding campaing at The expenses the C3 development include crash test charges, fuel-efficiency evaluation, products for prototyping and evaluating, expert reviews and fabrication, and additional tools. Although the Indiegogo system cannot support Bitcoin efforts, these could be provided for the next Bitcoin target:12JiynsQcfNLbeWnM7cdnYGo3axPXDcwCV
Support WIKISPEED making the continuing future of automotive transport happen today.
WIKISPEED, a Seattle, WA–based automotive-prototyping and production startup, is an authorized automotive maker in a position to offer complete cars in the usa and kit-built vehicles all around the globe. WIKISPEED presently features collaborative functions in fifteen nations globally.



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