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For a lot of classic Corvette fans, the 1957 model could the holy grail of C1s and commensurately, their particular desirability, and values have actually skyrocketed throughout the decades. Unbeknownst to the general public or GM itself, these cars turned into classic, rolling works of art that ethically and morally most likely ought to be preserved.

Just problem thereupon old yarn is it ain’t lots of fun. Along with the resto-mod thing at a fevered pitch, a lot of guys have actually crossed the range and changed automobiles forever, causing issue amongst the faithful regardless if the outcome are light-years in front of the fatigued old rigs they replaced.

Really, has actually a great answer. They offer a darn near perfect repro body which dimensionally precise and devoted to an authentic 1957 Vette. What’s better still is many all from a genuine ’57 will fit on new body. Include that to a cadre of proven aftermarket components accessible to marry to the unique human anatomy as well as your dream Corvette is limited only by the imagination and your spending plan.

, off Fyffe, Alabama built a notion ’57 (christened P-57) that strike your mind down, and is as near to C1 porn if there ever before was such a thing. A beautiful Onyx black colored /silver cove/red interior roadster utilizing the newest plus the best treats. The work is careful in addition to create beautifully photographed to showcase Corvette Central’s awesome human body, W-Y’s skills and a who’s who of aftermarket companies behind the resto-mod motion.

The Human Body

In accordance with Corvette Central “The Concept ’57 human anatomy makes use of Owens Corning fiberglass mat and Ashland Chemical Co. resins for increased flexibility, which will surely help reduce cracking and aging of the body during use. The glues always connect the areas collectively have actually 50 to 70-percent elongation properties combined with 3, 500 psi shear strength, making the bonds on this brand new human body far more versatile and stronger than the first bodies.

All the initial hinges may be used on new human anatomy, but Corvette Central also offers gas-operated trunk hinges and a greater bonnet hinge that will quickly replace the first design in the event that consumer so needs. Additionally, the systems tend to be factory put together on a jig to stop any warping or distortion, and all sorts of the principal mounting equipment places tend to be factory machined or clearly marked on human anatomy generally there isn't any guesswork whenever suitable the pieces together.

One of several significant advantages of choosing a fresh ’57 human anatomy is the fact that inner fender wells may be bought in initial or altered form to accommodate modern-day independent front suspensions. The figures put on an ivory gel-coat and are usually prepared for planning and finish artwork.

Finally, your body is certainly not consists of numerous pieces and bonding pieces, it’s made from two large pieces–the external layer in addition to floor/firewall tend to be constant pieces. Both of these are then glued together, causing a stronger body with less aesthetic finessing.

The Motor And Chassis

Outfitting this new Concept ’57 with state of the art operating equipment is a particularly tantalizing element of a resto-mod create. W-Y bought up a Street store Inc. frame that will be a rock solid foundation when it comes to car and fit nicely beneath the svelte ’57 Vette body.

Street Shop starts with .120-inch (about 1/8-inch) walled 2×4-inch square tubing that will be after that mandrel bent to strict specifications. The company has substantial R&D in producing a frame with a minimum of disturbance involving the human anatomy and frame.

From there, motivation is managed via a healthier 2006 LS6 with 405 HP and 400 ft-lbs of torque mated via a Lakewood bell housing to a transmission. The C4 front and rear suspension is equipped with an excellent collection of 17X9 Torque-Thrust rims and Kumho Ecsta 215/50-17 tires. four-wheel disc brakes anyway corners offer preventing power Zora Arkus-Duntov could’ve just wanted in post-war Detroit.

As well as Street store, a Concept ’57 buyer has actually other really know framework providers to pick from aswell. Take a look at Street Store Chassisworks, SRIII Motorsports, Inc, Newman Vehicle Creations and Art Morrison.


A ’57 Vette has some of the finest mid-mod, chrome jewelry ever before designed for an automobile. From toothy grille towards the scooped out taillights, these details tend to be exactly what make this Harley Earl work of art pop.

What’s great about Corvette Central, is lots of the trim components can be found via their particular Exterior Trim Package, which not merely supplies most of the necessary components while purchasing just one component quantity you in addition save cash purchasing them as a bundle.

Fitting the human body

The Waldon-Younger Corvette dudes are proponents of test suitable all parts and pieces of the create before paint. Decreasing a freshly painted human anatomy onto a framework is scary enough and with the tight clearances associated with new frame and suspension, managing this all before paint is (obviously) what you want.

There have been only two mods necessary to make Concept ’57 fit its brand new framework. Some material must be eliminate in the motor area to clear the top of control hands plus the trunk, a little section of the free tire tub had been removed to accommodate back link rods.

The human body kit includes installing hardware to secure the fiberglass layer towards the chassis anyway the first locations. Right positioning and shimming of this body is imperative before any last fitting of human body panels can be carried out. Something that you can expect to instantly observe is the increased thickness of Corvette Central’s Concept ’57 flooring. It’s significantly thicker than an authentic for more strength and sound deadening, both a bonus when creating a driver.

Once the human body is firmly fastened towards the framework as well as the doors tend to be precisely lined up and gapped, the operation and fit can be as great as (if you don't better than) the originals. Perfect final shimming regarding the human body will likely to be done when we get the windshield framework and door screen post trim installed.


With the trim finessed, removed and easily connected later on, human body prep and paint start. According to Walden-Younger, they “Started with DuPont 2K Urethane Primer-filler over Concept ‘57’s initial gel-coat, that has been after that smoothed completely and covered with DuPont’s 2K Premier Sealer.

It was offered to secure off the human anatomy when preparing the basecoat, and the shaded sealer in addition helps in the color coverage aided by the basecoat.Then two coats of DuPont Chroma Premier Base Coat (black the body and gold when it comes to coves) had been applied and covered with DuPont Chroma-Clearcoat.

To contrast aided by the black colored outside, we covered the trunk area, dash and interior in Venetian Red in single-stage DuPont Chroma Premier paint. We added a flattening agent as soon as the interior had been coated to somewhat reduce the shine from the dash and surrounding surfaces.

The Inner

The purple guts of this automobile comparison nicely aided by the Onyx black and silver coves (for record, there were only two-color options available for ’57 Corvette interiors, beige and red.) Correct Waffle pattern seat covers had been utilized and include another part of credibility for this ’57 clone.

Concept '57



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