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Column ImageSince our organization in 1980, John Skinner (Manufacturing) Limited have now been creating replica automotive interior furniture and trim components for Austin Healey ‘Big Healey’ range, such as the 100-4, 100-6 and 3000 designs. Our devoted group of trimmers and sewing machinists work from detailed patterns and tooling that we are suffering from through the years because of our close organization and comments from classic Austin Healey enthusiasts, trimmers and classic vehicle clubs globally. Thus we at John Skinners can create inside trim and upholstery into the best quality amounts, and now have done for several years to many different countries worldwide. We manufacture your inside trim needs to either what to Original Specification, or a more professional customized look if you want. We cans resource original materials entirely utilized by the Healey vehicles, like Karvel Carpet; so we tend to be among the only producers worldwide to hold stock of the professional BJ8 3000 Mark 3 Black/Silver Chrome piping. Additionally we also have the correct high frequency weld tools to allow united states to emboss the habits which were used on the BJ8 Panels and Seat Covers.

The Austin Healey BN1, 1st associated with the ‘Big Healeys’ 100 show, also referred to as Healey 100-4, was developed by Donald Healey and produced at Warwick and Longbridge in 1953, 1954 & 1955. The BN1 had been a 2 Seater Convertible Soft Top vehicle, and it's also comprehended that manufacturing figures had been between 10, 030 (Robson, 1981) and 10, 688 (Clausager, 1990).

Column ImageIn August 1955 the Austin Healey BN2 (100-4) model ended up being introduced by Donald Healey on Longbridge factory manufacturing line. The key distinction from its forerunner ended up being the gearbox clutch housing which changed the styling of this carpeting around this area. Production went from 1955 to July 1956, when time around 3, 924 (Robson, 1981) and 4, 604 (Clausager, 1990) were delivered.

During 1956, Donald Healey launched the updated Austin Healey BN4 (100-6) model. This is initial of the 4 Seater Convertible smooth Top models to it the production line. (Pre 68, 959). The majority of these models were made at their particular “Longbridge” factory, before the switch was meant to their particular “Abingdon” factory in April 1958. A total of 6, 045 (Longbridge built) and 4, 241 (Abingdon built) models were stated in 1956, 1957, 1958, and 1959.

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Following the Austin Healey factory manufacturing range moved to its Abingdon device during 1958, they also introduced the 100-6 BN6 Big Healey. It was a 2 Seater Convertible design and showcased components of both the BN1/2 Two Seater and BN4 Four Seater models previously manufactured by Healey. Manufacturing ran from March 1958 towards the same thirty days in 1959, making a reported 4, 150 cars during this period (Robson, 1981).

The season of 1959 saw the Abingdon built two-seater Convertible Austin Healey BN7 launched in general of this Healey 3000 Mark 1. The Austin Healey 3000 designs reflected a rise in engine size, amongst various other changes. Produced during 1959, 1960, and 1961 the BN7 design saw 2, 825 MK1 models produced, with an additional 355 Mark 2 designs becoming made during 1961 and 1962.

Throughout the exact same duration since the BN7 Two Seater Convertible, Donald Healey also commission the 4 Seater Convertible 3000 Mark 1/2 BT7 design. Made during 1959, 1960, 1961 and 1962, a total of 15, 921 designs were delivered, aided by the majority becoming export deliveries. Most of the inside trim was just like the Abingdon built BN4 (100-6) design, with some subtle variations all over gearbox location.

The Abingdon factory commissioned another Four Seater Convertible with their Austin Healey 3000 range, dubbed the BJ7 (3000 Mark 2). This design varied plenty internally from the predecessor, the BT7. During 1962 and 1963, a complete of 6, 113 BJ7 models were manufactured, again using the vast majority becoming sent to the united states.

The six-year duration between 1963 to 1968 saw the size production of most likely the most well-known associated with Austin Healey vehicles, with the 3000 Mark 3 BJ8 design. It had been a 4 Seater Convertible and showcased somewhat modified trim, such as the introduction of embossed “welded” patterns regarding Vinyl seating and Quarter Panels. A complete of 17, 712 BJ8 vehicles were created, with more or less 1, 390 becoming categorized as stage 1, additionally the rest as period 2 designs.

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