Leading car manufacturers

Leading car manufacturers

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Established in 1997, Faurecia has grown in order to become an important player when you look at the worldwide automotive business. a frontrunner with its three regions of business, the Group is backed by a R&D and manufacturing network with sites in 34 nations. This is the preferred lover worldwide's biggest automakers, which worth its working superiority and technical expertise.

Faurecia’s fundamentals

Faurecia had been formed in 1997 following a merger between Bertrand Faure—a specialist in spring-based seat cushions the automotive industry—and ECIA—a Peugeot subsidiary and maker of chairs, front stops and car interiors with a reputation as one of Europe’s leading names in exhaust systems.

With 32, 000 employees and product sales of nearly €4 billion in 1998, the Faurecia Group quickly established it self at forefront of automotive chair manufacturing in European countries. It continued to achieve a great foothold in the market for fatigue systems in the United States by acquiring US organization AP Automotive techniques.

Acquisition des activités intérieures de Saline (Ford)In 2000, it obtained Sommer Allibert, a company developed within the 1980s through a merger between Alfred Sommer (vehicle flooring treatments) and Allibert (molded synthetic components).

Faurecia today

With 330 sites including 30 R&D centers in 34 nations all over the world (in 2015), Faurecia is an international leader in its four aspects of business: automotive sitting, inside methods and emissions control technologies. Faurecia may be the world’s first supplier of chair frames and components, emissions control technologies and vehicle interiors. The Group normally the world’s third-largest supplier of complete seat systems.

Faurecia has enhanced its position in each of these places through a series of purchases. This season, it became world frontrunner in emissions control technologies by acquiring exhaust professional Emcon Technologies. In Europe, it expanded its array of automotive exterior and bodywork solutions by absorbing Plastal’s business interests in Spain and Germany in 2010, accompanied by the business’s businesses in France in 2012.

Similar 12 months, in the United States, it obtained the Ford plant in Saline, Michigan, bolstering the positioning of Faurecia Indoor Systems as marketplace frontrunner in North America and making Ford the Group’s number two client.

Usine de Guangzhou (Chine)N.B.: The Group sold nearly all of its Automotive Exteriors company to Plastic Omnium in July 2016 to spotlight its three other areas of business. Faurecia will continue to spend money on brand-new technologies that strengthen its abilities in innovation.

Energetic intercontinental development

Asia is now important region for Faurecia. The Group happens to be operating in Asia for over 15 years, in which it can help leading intercontinental customers to expand in an industry that offers huge potential. Faurecia has also started forging strategic alliances with Chinese automakers such Geely (which today owns Volvo), the Xuyang Group and, more recently, Chang’An.

Faurecia exposed 3 brand new flowers in 2013. It today draws on a community of 36 production websites in the united states and it is set to maintain its growth. The Group also has advanced TechCenters in Minbei and Shanghai, home to its full variety of R&D expertise, addressing anything from preliminary CAD to prototype examination.

In Southern Korea, Faurecia’s development is buoyed by close relations with Korean automaker Hyundai-Kia. The Group currently has actually three Emissions Control Technologies internet sites in the nation.

In Thailand, Faurecia Emissions Control Technologies has already been established as well as the Group is growing, as shown because of the current introduction of Faurecia inside Systems.

In Asia, Faurecia continues to increase its industrial base for three company Groups: Emissions Control Technologies, inside techniques and Automotive Seating. This campaign is now backed by the Pune TechCenter, which supplies the entire number of R&D expertise needed to develop neighborhood and international programs.



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