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NASCAR at this time boasts three manufacturers but that does not signify a fourth one couldn’t be in the combine someplace down the road and some genuinely believe that Audi might-be that 4th manufacturer.

The present NASCAR landscape is made of Chevy, Ford and Toyota. While three manufacturers compensate the activity these days, you simply must look back again to 2012 discover a period when there have been four makers in NASCAR. 2012 had been needless to say the last time that we saw Dodge in NASCAR and since their departure some fans have wondered when they would ever before get back or be changed.

According to present commentary from Matthew Dillner of, Audi could possibly be looking to result in the move and fill the void remaining by Dodge. Dillner believes the German manufacturer is preparing to enter NASCAR after reading rumblings about such a move for 2 years today.

— Matthew Dillner (@MatthewDillner)

Another manufacturer within our recreation is an excellent thing. If it occurs, it will be a confident as Toyota’s existence has been.

The Audi to NASCAR principle is just assisted by opinions Brian France made a week ago.

NASCAR Chairman and CEO Brian France joined SiriusXM Speedway host Dave Moody last week to fairly share multiple NASCAR subjects. One of several items that came up had been whether or not we would see a brand new producer in NASCAR when in the near future. France was cautiously optimistic in regards to the interest from outsiders in joining therefore the likelihood of it taking place when you look at the “right” circumstance.

There's some interest, and by several different makers therefore we would be available to that when you look at the right circumstances. I do believe most of the automobile companies tend to be understandably looking at the terrific job that Toyota has been doing by partnering with NASCAR together with success and all the things that comes along with that. They’ve been an unbelievable success story for a vehicle maker seeking to enter into an activity that is very hard ahead in, compete and win every weekend. But there’s a pastime. And also this is obviously the biggest possibility in car rushing in united states.

France touched on several key things whenever talking about another producer joining NASCAR. The first of which was Toyota and their particular recent and total success in NASCAR. When Toyota initially came into NASCAR there have been an abundance of those who did not believe these were planning to make it much less have a champion (Kyle Busch) less than 10 years after going into the sport. The prosperity of Toyota could be tempting for other makers to really make the leap into NASCAR.

Another key thing that France moved in had been that in united states, NASCAR is where it is at with regards to automobile race. If one of these interested manufacturers is interested for their want to achieve racing fans in North America, NASCAR will probably be their particular admission to achieve that. Within good sense NASCAR might be in a position to provide something that other people cannot which only advantages NASCAR.

Audi visiting NASCAR would amaze some as much in the wonderful world of Motorsports have anticipated all of them to head into Formula One in the coming many years, perhaps not NASCAR. If this move does happen it would be interesting to observe how the brand new charter system is necessary when it comes to a fresh manufacturer. It could be interesting to see whom drives the team and how lengthy it will take them to be competitive. It’s vital that you note that Audi to NASCAR is by no means a done package, but there appear to be a great amount of signs pointing to a fourth manufacturer coming down the street (whether Audi or someone else).



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