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Sun roof installation tool 3D imprinted by Opel having its Stratasys FDM 3D PrintersWith efficient production crucial to its success, Opel’s Overseas Specialized Development Center is 3D printing a variety of manufacturing and system resources to advance the production of its iconic ‘Adam’ hatchback vehicle. These installation tools are widely used to properly connect various components toward automobile, including the rocker molding and roof spoilers; align the iconic ‘Adam’ lettering on rear-side screen; and construct the glass and retractable roofs.

“Besides the cut in device production time and considerable expense reductions, personalized resources tend to be a third important advantage attained with 3D printing. We're now in a position to produce more technical shapes than we're able to via old-fashioned manufacturing. This crucially allows us to adjust the device on worker and also the certain car, ” says Sascha Holl, Virtual Simulation Engineer – Tool Design at Opel.

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Because Opel 3D prints its production resources, the business requires its assembly-line employees within the design process to improve efficiency. This enables operators to evaluate principles, utilizing their experience to emphasize any possible dilemmas before investing the production of the ultimate installation tool for each particular automobile element. With Stratasys 3D publishing, any required design changes toward Opel production tools can be accommodated in a matter of hours, getting rid of high priced iterations more across the manufacturing procedure.

“Cases like Opel focus on the huge influence that reasonable risk, high-reward 3D printed parts – such as for instance production resources – have on production efficiency, ” says Andy Middleton, President, Stratasys, EMEA. “The capacity to produce these types of products on-demand at a lower expenses can somewhat accelerate time-to-production and give companies that competitive edge. Combine that with the capacity to customize tools efficiently, including create complex geometries, and you can understand why Opel is indicative associated with the way in which additive production is transforming our customer’s manufacturing functions.”



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