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© picture: Jialiang GaoThe European car business locates itself when you look at the deepest crisis for two decades. In line with the business organization, ACEA, just last year, 2012, the amount of brand new motor vehicle registrations dropped inside EU by eight percent set alongside the earlier year hence rendering it the 5th consecutive 12 months. The past growth was indeed in 2007. With twelve million brand new vehicles, in the same way couple of vehicles were offered in 2012 when you look at the EU as was once the actual situation in 1995. The slump was specially marked in December: set alongside the same thirty days the earlier 12 months 16 percent less automobiles had been sold.

The global trend is within stark comparison into lull on European market: worldwide the auto business is an improvement marketplace for many years. 2012 had been the next record-breaking year in succession with very nearly 80 million vehicles offered global. Growth-driver first is - which else could it come to be - Asia.

“China has actually advanced toward biggest vehicle market worldwide and can still grow”, Daimler employer Dieter Zetsche recently predicted when you look at the Handelsblatt. Due to the fact want to get caught up within the limit nations continues to be enormous, the degree of motorization is still comparatively low. But not just Asia is booming - in the united states also the vehicle makers’ sales figures rose in 2012.

An increasing number of cars are finding their way on the roads of Chinese places such as for instance Kunming. Photo: Jialiang Gao

The European car market is however weakening much like the whole economy, with automobile sales closely connected to its trade overall performance. There clearly was a really razor-sharp fall in car product sales in 2012 in Italy, France and Spain. In those nations around twenty per cent fewer vehicles were sold as compared to earlier year – not that astonishing given the double-digit prices of unemployment sometimes.

In Germany, on the other hand, the producers licensed just small decreases, nonetheless here, also, they'd to actually strive to win over the customers with many rebate campaigns. Based on the ACEA, britain had been really the only EU country to register increases in car product sales. The losses and declines are incredibly unevenly distributed not only in the EU countries, but in addition among the list of makers.

Toughest hit by the sales crisis were the mass producers such France’s PSA, moms and dad business of Peugeot and Citroen, Renault, Opel, Ford and Fiat. Ford has recently shut one plant in Belgium, while Opel has launched the closing of the Bochum plant for 2016. The closing of a PSA plant near Paris was only provisionally averted through input for the French federal government and a multi-billion bailout.

In comparison, the alleged advanced suppliers are much less suffering from the European sales crisis. Although their sales inside the EU additionally declined somewhat, BMW, Daimler & Co hold a robust place from the world market – and are hence benefitting through the development of the automobile business particularly in Asia additionally the American. In those nations interest in German automobiles is higher than ever before which assisted the producers to realize record product sales in 2012. BMW, Daimler and VW marketed even more automobiles worldwide than in the past. The top performer was VW, who the very first time smashed the nine-million cars sold barrier.

Precision steel tubes found in cardan shafts for power
transmission in cars. © Photo: SMP-Salzgitter Mannesmann Precision

Crucial providing companies like the metal pipe sector may taking advantage of the strong market place for the premium manufacturers. “The strong position of the German advanced vendors from the globe marketplace is at this time still mainly compensating when it comes to weakness of this overall marketplace in Europe”, claims Frank Harms, handling Director, German metal Tube Association (Wirtschaftsvereinigung (WV) Stahlrohre).

In accordance with WV Stahlrohre, in Germany the auto business and its companies account for around 15 % of need for metal pipe services and products. A sizable element of this can be seamless and welded precision metallic pipes. They're fitted for instance as cross and side-members, home support pipes when you look at the vehicle human body, as stabilisers and shock absorber pipes into the framework or as crankshaft and camshaft tubes plus diesel injection pipes in powertrain area.

They could additionally be based in the interior as airbag pipes, when you look at the seats or as tool panel and dashboard supports. The German electric and Electronic brands’ Association (Zentralverband Elektrotechnik- und Elektronikindustrie -ZVEI) can be reporting only slight declines for 2012 in automobile electronic devices industry.


Exactly what if even VW & Co begin to wobble? All things considered, in accordance with many specialists, the prospects for European auto marketplace tend to be every little thing but rosy whilst far as 2013 can be involved. “With the automobile product sales trend continuing downwards”, says Harms, “the existing total nonetheless good to excellent capability utilization inside metallic tube industry will decline.” There is nevertheless explanation to believe your global car industry continues to develop in 2013, and German producers will be able to compensate for the stagnation on European market various other places.

“In Europe the trend will stay downwards this season. Thanks to the product sales increases, particularly in China and also the American, the German producers tend to be nonetheless expected to withstand the crisis without an excessive amount of harm, and consistently win share of the market overall, ” says the Handelsblatt quoting a specialist from financial experts Ernst & Young. Frank Harms also sees no reason at all for doom and gloom for his industry: “We expect you'll continue steadily to enjoy the stable place associated with German producers especially regarding export areas.”

Florian Wassenberg

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