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PR-224_sSewing Machinery Servo Motors from$99.00 to $325.00 Introducing the NEW artisan® ACF-625 Digital Electronic Servo Sewing Machine Motor. Only introduced in July 2016, this new ACF-625 motor is built to the highest exacting standards readily available. The motor produces 4.1 Nm torque and 750 watts of energy. That is nearly 1 complete hp of overall performance and power. Standard outdated 1/2 hp clutch engines are only 400 watts. The motor is completely contained inside a housing frame including all the electric components in a single total construction. Included with the system is a v-belt modifying process, a complete address across pulley plus a total wiring harness with an illuminated rocker design on/off switch and a 110 volt lamp receptacle. The brand new style speed operator is totally electric and it is incredibly accurate. ACF-625 motors begin gently and efficiently from ended to whatever desired stitching speed the operator needs. ACF-625 engines develop complete torque energy from the very first revolution variable up through no matter what desired sewing rate picked the operator decides. Motor top end or ceiling rates can be digitally modified for complete speed control assuring the sewing-machine operator of an absolute rate range with complete control and security. Each electric P.C. mom board and controller is constructed of the very best quality electronic elements and you're guaranteed of many several years of trouble fee overall performance.

When it comes to worth, overall performance, and dependability, the latest artisan® ACF-625 is the best digital electronic servo sewing-machine engine offered. We suggested the ACF-625 for several medium task to heavy weight walking base stitching devices made. Confidently, we additionally recommend the ACF-625 engine for the majority of high speed lockstitch single or dual needle stitching devices, serger and overlock devices, coverstitch and interlock machinery, as well as most post bed and skiver machines for leather-based or material sewing.

An externally mounted synchronizer with a mounting kit is optional available for all ACF-625 motors. Incorporating a synchronizer converts the engine into a particular Needle Positioner engine system and can change your sewing-machine into the one that is set to cease 100percent of that time period using needle into the needle down place, after that recovering back regarding base treadle brings the needle into the needle up position. Utilizing the N.P. method tends to make your sewing more effective and reduces the task load from the sewing-machine operator.

artisan® ACF-625 servo sewing-machine engines are easily retrofitted to simply about any industrial sewing-machine application or any engine stand made for professional sewing devices. Swap out of the old outdated clutch engine and bolt within the new energy saving servo motor and wiring use. It is easy and may just take about 25 moments to complete the installation.

artisan® provides a number of kinds of electronic servo motors. Manufactured for JUKI is the J7R-550 series engines. The J7R is well-crafted and incorporates a few of the most popular functions obtainable in a cost-effective electronic servo sewing machine engine. The standard design is quiet, it is trustworthy and a perfect engine both for low speed or high speed sewing-machine applications like lockstitch single needle devices, overlock and sergers many walking foot equipment requiring an inferior degree of torque. J7R motors also can be ordered with an optional exterior synchronizer making your sewing machine programmable to quit in either the needle down or needle up place, 100% of that time period. Then heal straight back on the treadle while the motor moves the machine from needle down seriously to needle up position. or vise/versa. Motor/Sewing rates are variable and flexible to a desired higher end speed or ceiling rate of your choice. Added to the Juki J7R motor, definitely is a belt cover, pulley, on/off switch and installing equipment for simple installation. The v-belt is additional.

We have also added an extremely economical high quality servo motor to the stable of choices as well. The newest ABS-550 electronic servo sewing-machine engine is designed for greater speed applications like solitary needle or overlock sewing machine programs. The motor/machine sewing rates are often adjustable and variable from stopped or 0 rpm to no less than ceiling speed of 1500 rpm or 0 rpm around 4000 rpm. Included with the motor is a safety gear address, a pulley, an on/off switch and installing equipment for easy set up.

For really heavy weight sewing programs including with artisan® TORO stitchers, we utilize the ACF-680 series engines producing 880 watts of performance, 1.1 hp. and 5.3Nm of torque. Even for more substantial applications we advice the newest artisan® ACF-681 electric servo motor producing a wonderful 1100 watts of energy, 1.65 hp. with 6.0 Nm torque. To our knowledge, the absolute most powerful sewing-machine engine on the planet! Making use of either an ACF-680 and/or 681 large torque motor on hefty thick sewing applications entirely eliminates the need for a now outdated, "Speed Reducer". These two two electronic servo motors are created to be mounted within the typical standard under-the-table location, or is installed similar to the artisan® TORO-3200BT, the TORO-3200 "U", and/or TORO-3200 Ped-500 show stitchers in addition to the table top rather than in traditional style traditional, under-the-table top position using need for a lengthier much less efficient v-belt. All ACF-680 and ACF-681 engines feature a remotely mounted, digital, foot operated, speed operator and a P.C. Controller box with an illuminated on/off switch and 110 volt lamp receptacle. All artisan® motors have a v-belt adjuster and a safety address safeguarding the pulley part of each motor.

The capacity to entirely and easily get a handle on the rate of the sewing machine rate happens to be standard no longer a difficult task. Motor speeds on all artisan® servo motors tend to be digitally adjustable and variable from a completely ended as much as a ceiling speed of as slow as 200 rpm, and up to the full 3600 engine rpm when needed or any desired speed of your selecting. You are able to set the engine system to sew really slowly, stitch by stitch, no faster than you may like to sew. Set the variables to 50 stitches per minute, or 200 spm, also 900 spm, or 1200 spm, or 1500 spm, you are able to set the utmost sewing rate to anything you decided and continue maintaining full speed controllability. The motor wont trigger your sewing-machine to hightail it from you. All of our excellent servo engines function a totally good electric braking apparatus that will end the sewing-machine very quickly, and extremely fast, giving the operator even more control and confidence while sewing.



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