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Launching the Infinit-i Prime™ Training Solution

Infinit-i Prime™ is the trucking business’s premier on line education system, with more than 350 training modules now available to manage just about any element of your company’s training curriculum. All videos tend to be lower than ten minutes long and focus on certain topics crucial to success within the trucking industry. Current people regarding the system have conserved millions upon implementation by streamlining processes they performedn’t also understand were costing all of them thousands in wasted dollars.

Unlike various other business instruction solutions, Infinit-i Prime™ offers business the capability to include customized content, to publish documents and instruction manuals, and to include driver correspondence into one centralized on the web place which easily accessible from everywhere your drivers are found. Also, personalized quizzes and testing solutions provide you with the opportunity to make fully sure your drivers never have just browse and obtained all education and communication, but to additionally understand each driver undoubtedly knows whatever they have learned. Each quiz is time stamped, giving you great security should you become needing proof that instruction took place a court of law.

Probably the best benefit about Infinit-i Prime™, but may be the customer support you'll receive due to their customer providers Team. An online learning tool is only a valuable asset to your business when it is utilized, and their customer Services Team will reach out to you regularly assure your drivers get the most from the new resource.

Vertical Alliance Group realizes that if the rims aren’t rolling, your organization is not earning money. Additionally they realize that a great safety program helps undoubtedly minimize bad luck that will happen in the market. Infinit-i Prime™ is made with both these mantras at heart and is designed for providers of sizes. The organization offers a bi-monthly Infinit-i bootcamp in Texas that allows you to examine if web education is suitable for your organization. The event in addition enables you to keep with an implementation program in hand and a team behind that make sure your rollout post implementation will maximize motorist involvement. For more information on Infinit-i Prime™ or attending a boot camp, call Randy Sturdivant at 866-427-8216 see



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