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Used Industrial Electric Motors

Marathon Electric MotorsSince 1913, Marathon Electric is promoting a reputation for traditional engine styles and highly engineered products utilized in a vast variety of commercial and manufacturing programs around the world.

Marathon Electric’s inverter duty motors would be the motor of choice for leading AC drive makers around the world. The microMax, BlueMAX and BlackMAX engines control pumps, drive fans and blowers, run conveyors and are also used in several thousand objective crucial applications in which dependability and performance would be the operating criteria.

Marathon Electrical has built to their history of development by incorporating magnetics and engines into an individual leading technology. Marathon Electric’s utilization of Magnology™ has resulted in the motor business’s first axial and radial flux engines found in pumping applications.

The imPulse, imPower and SyMAX permanent magnetic AC motor families offer special solutions for today’s demanding applications. Their unrivaled power densities, unprecedented overall performance and unparalleled efficiencies are another industry first.



Industrial Electric Motors
Industrial Electric Motors
Electric Motors Industry
Electric Motors Industry

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