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Editor's Note: Cerasis is a 3rd party logistics organization who's many consumers in automotive aftermarket business. This is actually the final post within show within the automotive aftermarket industry even as we lead up to a few weeks's Automotive Aftermarket item Expo where we're going to display alongside several of our present clients. Cerasis is at booth #41021, where we're going to demonstrate our all new and revolutionary video clip system to emphasize our transportation management system and handled transportation solutions. If you are attending or displaying within AAPEX tv show in vegas in a few days and want to keep in touch with us about effective transportation administration for your needs, reserve a scheduled appointment through the program right here.
The automotive business and automotive aftermarket industry has actually restored, so that as new light car registrations continue steadily to grow, it is necessary the aftermarket to be aware of emerging styles happening from the roads today that'll affect fix possibilities for years in the future. Below are a few fast insights to the styles operating the automotive aftermarket business.

1. The typical age vehicles consistently climb—at minimum for now

automotive aftermarket industry trends chronilogical age of vehiclesThe increasing chronilogical age of the vehicle population was an optimistic aftermarket trend for a long period, and trend features accelerated considerably in the last six years. These days, it stands at a record-high 11.3 years for passenger vehicles and light trucks combined, representing a 14per cent increase since 2007. For the five years ahead of the recession, average age rose just 4%.

Some question why pickup trucks have a tendency to lag behind vehicles in typical age. Light trucks are more inclined to build up wear and tear than tend to be passenger vehicles. Specific owners use them for towing, transporting hefty loads, and off-road fun. More pickups may used in commercial circumstances and get subjected to high amounts of use and misuse.

Throughout the next many years, but the rise in typical age will delay once again. The market will begin to have the influence for the 40per cent drop in brand new registrations as soon as the industry bottomed completely at 10.3 million products last year. We see normal age reaching nearly 11.4 years by 2015, and then the price of growth will taper down.aftermarket producers The speed in average age will slow to amounts not seen since ahead of the recession. Normal age won't reach 11.5 years until 2018—as the vehicle population changes toward low range 2008–12 model 12 months automobiles.

New-to-five-year-old automobiles will develop 41per cent within the after that 5 years. Six-to-11-year-old automobiles will decline 22percent.

While not an encouraging trend for the aftermarket, there are definite positive signs. The overall vehicle population continues to grow. We see the US light vehicles in operation (VIO) growing by 5% over the next five years—hitting 260 million vehicles by 2018. Vehicles are also lasting longer. Over the next five years, vehicles 12 years and older will increase nearly 12%. Vehicle quality continues to improve, people are keeping their vehicles longer, and the scrappage rate continues to decline.

The aftermarket should be aware for the possible influence towards sort of repair works it will see across coming many years. In general, 6-11-year-old cars represent even more do-it-for me (DIFM)-type repairs. Older cars may drive even more do-it-yourself (DIY) and routine upkeep, and need bigger powertrain and suspension repairs.



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