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FRANKFURT, Germany – September 13, 2016. The remanufacturing industry, which specializes in lasting production, declares these days that six leading organizations with users inside automotive industry have reached a typical understanding of standard meanings associated with their particular business. The move is a significant advance in the market’s pursuit to increase understanding and acceptance of remanufactured items.

The European Association of Automotive Suppliers (CLEPA), engine & Equipment Remanufacturers Association (MERA), Automotive Parts Remanufacturers Association (APRA), Automotive Parts Remanufacturers nationwide Association (ANRAP), European company when it comes to motor Remanufacture (COMPANY) and Remanufacture Committee of Asia Association of vehicle Manufactures (CPRA), all aligned on a typical collection of explanations which define a.

“For a long time, the lack of a standard comprehension within the sector has actually resulted in energetic discussion, misconceptions and not enough a unified movement, ” stated Roberto Vavassori, CLEPA President.

“Today we've damaged through these barriers, not just in one single nation, but globally, with six associated with the world’s leading authorities on the subject commonly agreeing on which defines united states. It’s a huge advance for an international and ever-growing business, ” explains Salvador Munoz Zarate, General management of WABCO Reman Systems and delegate of CLEPA towards the Basel Convention.

The six organizations have converged on the after two definitions:

  • Remanufacturing is a standardized manufacturing process* by which cores tend to be returned to same-as-new, or better, condition and gratification. The process is consistent with specific technical specifications, including engineering, high quality and testing requirements. The procedure yields fully warranted items.
  • *An commercial process is a well established procedure, which will be totally recorded, and competent to fulfil the requirements established by the remanufacturer.

  • CORE:
  • A core is a previously sold, worn or non-functional product or component, meant for the remanufacturing procedure. During reverse logistics, a core is shielded, taken care of and identified for remanufacturing to avoid damage also to preserve its value. A core just isn't waste or scrap and is maybe not designed to be used again before remanufacturing.
  • Also, European organizations had formerly agreed to the following definition applicable in Europe:

  • A remanufactured component fulfills a function that will be at least comparable set alongside the original component. Its restored from a preexisting part (CORE), utilizing standard manufacturing procedures consistent with specific technical specs. A remanufactured component is given the same guarantee as an innovative new component also it plainly identifies the part as a remanufactured part and states the remanufacturer.
  • “The increased use of remanufactured products around the world is accelerating a global drive towards a circular economy, ” adds John Chalifoux, President and Chief working Officer of MERA. “Today’s statement of a standard understanding among the organizations will more assist the business communicate the quality, value and durability benefits of remanufactured items.”

    “Remanufacturing, that has been available for a number of decades, features attained better awareness more recently with governing bodies, ” claimed Steve Handschuh, President and ceo of this engine & gear brands Association (MEMA), the mother or father of MERA.

    The U.S. Congress demonstrated its comprehension and acceptance of remanufactured car parts by passing the Federal Vehicle fix financial savings Act of 2015. The Act—signed into legislation by President Barack Obama—requires national companies to prioritize the application of remanufactured components whenever servicing the federal civil car fleet, if those parts decrease expense while keeping the standard of the automobile.

    The G7 Alliance for Resource effectiveness was launched by the heads of condition and federal government at their summit at Schloss Elmau, Germany on June 7 and 8, 2015. Through this declaration the G7 members committed themselves to guide the circular economic climate and remanufacturing. At the kick-off event, all G7 countries had been represented by delegations comprising associates of governments, company, trade unions and research/science. The European Commission has also been represented at the seminar.

    “These are obvious indications that remanufacturing is more and more from the schedule of governing bodies, ” points out Peter Bartel, vice-chairman of this APRA European countries Board. “Today’s decision will allow us to talk to one voice, enabling us to better provide our views and solutions around sustainability to our clients, relevant businesses, policymakers and governments around the world.”

    “As we have been in a global economy with global item platforms, the best way to protect our recycleables, environment and to keep high quality item affordable for customers along with being a site answer, is through remanufacturing. These definitions clearly lead united states into that way, ” declared Joe Kripli President of APRA.

    The six organizations invite various other companies to aid a by recognizing the above mentioned intercontinental definitions.

    About CLEPA

    CLEPA could be the European Association of Automotive Suppliers. 116 of world’s many prominent manufacturers for vehicle parts, systems and modules and 23 nationwide trade organizations and European sector associations are people in CLEPA, representing more than 3 thousand organizations, using significantly more than 5 million people and addressing all products within the automotive supply sequence. Situated in Brussels, Belgium, CLEPA is recognised due to the fact normal conversation partner by the European Institutions, un and fellow organizations (ACEA, JAMA, MEMA, etc.). To find out more please go to: or contact a.distefano@clepa.be

    About MERA

    The engine & gear Remanufacturers Association (MERA) is the remanufacturing and sustainability unit for the engine & gear Manufacturers Association (MEMA), which was advocating on behalf of the automobile supplier business since 1904. At MERA, our goal is to advance the remanufacturing business and business interests of your members. Our network of remanufacturers, manufacturers, universities and expert solutions companies promotes the circular economy, particularly environmentally friendly, economic and product performance great things about remanufactured goods. Learn more at MERA.org.

    About APRA

    APRA is a non-profit, intercontinental trade organization offering over 1, 000 organizations active in the $35 Billion/year automobile components rebuilding/remanufacturing business. Remanufacturing could be the ultimate form of recycling. www.apra.org



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