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On Wednesday February 17th, celebrated automotive analyst John McElroy will be holding a unique presentation at Automotive Hall of Fame. McElroy could be the number of Autoline everyday and has now showed up as an automotive expert on many television and radio news programs. His presentation, called “How the Automobile business is mostly about to turn upside down”, will highlight the enormous disturbance facing the automotive industry in coming decade.

McElroy, sitting left, is the guest speaker for occasion

GM chairman and CEO Mary Barra ended up being recently quoted as saying”…I believe the industry will experience more change in another five years than it offers within the last 50 many years.” The increase of transportation solutions, waning fascination with automobile ownership from millennials, and proceeded development of independent cars have actually signaled a significant move in how the industry will probably function as time goes on. Vehicle and ride sharing are poised to cut back the amount of cars required traveling. McElroy asserts that the market is regarding the verge of a transformation in which a lot fewer individuals will purchase or lease automobiles, and can as an alternative buy their flexibility through a third party. This shift in customer behavior has far-reaching impacts on the automakers’ manufacturing output, item development strategy, and bottom outlines.

The program will begin at 5:00 p.m. Cocktails will likely be served and a strolling dinner. Passes are for sale to $100 per individual. To place a reservation, kindly RSVP by Wednesday February tenth. RSVP’s could be put though conference coordinators by phone at (248) 643-6590 or by email at



Project on automobile industry
Project on automobile industry
Definition automobile industry
Definition automobile industry

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