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A mysterious Ca organization thought to be accustomed mask the development of Apple's reported electric automobile was spotted at an automotive business conference, strengthening the connections between your self-styled "market analysis" firm and vehicle manufacturing.
Apple is thought to have now been thinking about the manufacturing of BMW's i3 series.

SixtyEight Research, whoever possible participation with Apple was detailed by AppleInsider earlier in the day this present year, is listed as an attendee of this EuroCarbody 2015 international vehicle system Benchmarking Conference. The meeting provides someplace for components makers and automobile organizations to come together and discuss brand-new strategies and technologies for manufacturing vehicle systems.

SixtyEight joins other American organizations like Alcoa in the roster, since mentioned by 9to5Mac, but with hook difference: SixtyEight may be the just U.S.-based business in attendance which is not currently an important business supplier.

In fact, SixtyEight is quite small in contrast. AppleInsider's research of SixtyEight turned-up only an individual small office and small indication of task, a stark contrast to United states manufacturing giants Alcoa, Ford, GM, and Chrysler.

With SixtyEight continuing to spell it out it self as a "market analysis firm" on its internet site, the looks — alongside every major player in the industry — generally seems to indicate usually. Based just a stone's throw from a significant Apple satellite office, indications continue to indicate a link between the 2 organizations.



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