Full speed ahead: An evolution

Evolution of automobile industry

Online Auto Retailer Unmasks a Market That Leads in Vehicle Innovation, While Remains Decades Behind In Sales Channel Modernization

ATLANTA – Oct. 14, 2013 – because the creation of the first contemporary automobile by Karl Benz in 1886, vehicle manufactures have aggressively rolled on revolutionary services and products and features to boost the entire driving experience and automobile design. Despite these revolutionary developments built to benefit customers, the automobile sales channel has practically remained stagnant for over a century, limiting buyers to 1 distribution strategy – team dealerships.

In this infographic, Carvana compares the leading automobile innovations which have altered the auto industry because of the antiquated product sales station that has been debilitated by strict dealer franchise laws and legislation.


A business pioneer, Carvana may be the first total on line auto retailer from search to invest in to distribution. Through its commitment with DriveTime, Carvana is supported by over $1 billion in revenue and much more than twenty years expertise in the secondary car marketplace. Located in Phoenix, Ariz. and running away from Winder, Ga., Carvana services the state of Georgia and intends to expand to cities for the southeast because of the end of 2013.



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