Asia: Overview of Automobile

Overview of automobile industry

Thailand automotive production, sales and export 2015The automotive industry is an important motorist of this Thai economy with strong infrastructures and an enormous community of tiny and large, local and international organizations all along the car-production offer sequence. A big hub in ASEAN and Asia, the Thai automotive industry is gearing towards an eco-friendly automotive manufacturing base.

A key industry bookkeeping for approximately 12percent of Thai GDP, the automotive industry employed more than 550, 000 folks in 2013 with all of the world’s automobiles and auto-parts brands and producers within the country.

In 2015, the production of automobiles in Thailand ended up being 1.9 million automobiles with 800, 000 automobiles sold domestically and 1.2 vehicles shipped. There have been in addition 1.8 motorbikes created, with domestic sales of 1.6 million and exports of 350, 000 products.

Thailand automotive business: moving up the value sequence

framework regarding the Thai automotive industryPresenting the Thai automotive business from a government point of view to entice possible people, the Thailand Board of Investment – BOI – produced a study to highlight frameworks, outputs and new improvements in the pipeline when it comes to future many years.

The Thai federal government is desperate to help the private areas and drive the whole automotive offer chain towards more worthiness creation. Their objective will be make Thailand a worldwide production base for green automotive, boosting value creation and environment conservation both for the export and domestic markets.

Inside first report from 2015, the BOI provides the automotive business and developments of recent years before diving in details: automotive numbers and sub-industries of auto-parts and automotive electronics. The report highlights specifically interesting opportunities in Thailand in addition to advantages of the country for people regarding the sector.



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