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Automotive components industry

Cover imageDue to its significant effects on energy-saving and emission decrease, automotive elements remanufacturing (ACR) is actually an important direction for Chinese business's lasting development. Existing ACR business in China remains with its developing stage, manufacturing technologies tend to be an integral element to market ACR business development. This work introduces some fundamental concepts on ACR in Asia and analyses its roles. According to various ACR manufacturing types, characteristics of these operation modes are summarized and in comparison. Furthermore, predicated on standard circumstances of items remanufacturing and standing and challenges of ACR business, some crucial technologies of establishing Asia's ACR business are proposed and presented. A built-in design of technology system for China's ACR industry development is also set up. Eventually, based on analytic hierarchy procedure (AHP), two situation studies tend to be presented to acquire main key technology aspects influencing ACR business development in China. This can offer some assistance for developing ACR industry in China as well as other building nations.


  • Automotive;
  • Remanufacturing;
  • Technology system;
  • Renewable development;
  • AHP;
  • China



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