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Openbay: Challenges, styles someday for the automotive service aftermarket

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Editor’s note: The find-a-mechanic on line service Openbay is intended for automotive repair and upkeep, maybe not collision restoration. However, lots of the exact same challenges and opportunities face both industries, and we’re pleased to use the company upon its offer to reprint a Jan. 14 evaluate such trends as as a guest column. Right here it's, with small edits:

By Openbay

In January, the car Care Association hosted a fascinating teleforum regarding the automobile attention industry labeled as “Top company Challenges for 2016 and just how to Solve Them” utilizing the following panelists:

We suggest playing a recording associated with talk, but until after that, here are the notes we’d taken on some interesting trends, details and difficulties for automobile treatment business inside many years forward.


Age: the common chronilogical age of the U.S. automobile fleet has increased 17 percent within the last few a decade.

Ownership: The average period of vehicle ownership for new and made use of cars has grown 60 % within the last few a decade.

Work: 75 percent of aftermarket car restoration is completed by independent car fix stores, while 25 % of the company life with dealerships.

Gas/electric: Over the next 5 years, hybrids and electrics increase, yet not at a fantastic price within the next 5-10 years. Those automobiles tend to be concentrated mostly in pouches, so long as federal government rebates occur.

Outnumbered: “In the U.S., there are 1.1 subscribed vehicles for everyone over 16 years old. We have even more cars than we certified drivers, “ said Washbish, citing IHS analysis.


‘Sweet spot’: The “aftermarket sweet spot” refers to those automobiles being driving probably the most aftermarket repairs.

In 2015, we see cars elderly 6-11 years of age is within that “sweet spot, ” but which will change.

By 2020, you will have about 76 million units of cars aged 16+ many years.

Between 2015-2020:

  • Automobiles that are new to five years old increase by about 24 percent.
  • Automobiles being 6-11 yrs . old will drop by about 11 percent.
  • Vehicles aged 12 or more many years increases by 15 percent.

Imports: Imports tend to be developing. These days, 57 per cent of automobiles in the roads into the U.S. are domestic. By 2020, that will be paid off to 53 per cent domestics. Imports will develop from 43 percent to 47 percent – these day there are about 111 million imported cars on U.S. roads, and also by 2020, that look more like 122 million units.

Franchises: There’s a trend toward big franchise automobile repair organizations, which have smaller stores rolling up into all of them. That’s good chance for profitable businesses in the service/seller-side.

Parts: The aftermarket globe goes on line, together with market is changing. Parts are being sold on the web, solution has been offered online.

Telematics: By 2020, 80-90 per cent of brand-new cars have embedded telematics.

Powertrains: There will be major alterations in powertrains. Turbochargers have increased in popularity, and you’ll observe that surge carry on. Four-cylinder turbos tend to be delivering makers with the gasoline efficiency they require, without the need to count on hybrid and electric vehicles.

The trend toward turbos is positive the aftermarket, noted Malcolm Sissmore, because “turbochargers need spark-plug changes about 2-3 times more regularly than obviously aspirated” cars.

“At once, those small machines have lots being expected of these, and could see premature failures, assuming that occurs away from guarantee, that’s also best for the industry, ” he stated.

Asia: “China is a volatile market, where 4.3-years is the typical chronilogical age of an automobile. There’s only 1 vehicle for every 117 people. If you'd like to take action brand new, go to Asia, ” stated Washbish, citing IHS analysis.

E-tailing: “It goes because way, ” stated Seng. “nowadays, information is master, much more than it is now. Information about the supply sequence, current pricing, discounts, pictures, and all sorts of the items that offers your brand name” beyond just what rivals offer, is crucial.

Content: “The content-management division is not a call center. It’s an income supervisor, ” said Sissmore, noting that Delphi guarantees it's images, specifications, 3D images – “It’s going out in all types of kinds.”


The moving fleet: By 2020, it has to provide components and service for 76 million vehicles aged 16+ yrs old.



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According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, auto mechanics have an annual fatal accident rate of 4.3 per 100,000,  about equal to that of plumbers. Chart here: 


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