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Russian automotive industry

satisfying from the ongoing state of automotive business and its particular primary development strategies until 2025Meeting regarding the ongoing state of automotive business and its main development strategies until 2025

We must talk about measures to aid the automotive business and determine the main development methods until 2025.

We took certain decisions this past year. The industry had posted fast development prices prior to the crisis. The commercial assembly policy had converted into virtually a 180-billion-rouble financial investment into Russia's economy and 25, 000 brand new jobs. Manufacturers of automobile components and components had added another 45 billion roubles of investment.

The Russian automobile market had become Europe's fifth largest behind Germany, the UK, Italy and France, because of the vast majority, or just around 80 percent, of cars manufactured in Russia.

Dmitry Medvedev: "In 2015, the automotive industry got 43 billion roubles in condition assistance. The programs stimulating need, which involved updating the vehicle fleet and decreasing automobile credit and local rental rates, had a positive impact. From more than 1.5 million brand new vehicles purchased a year ago, over a third were purchased at an unique reduced rate."

The marketplace remains inside bad territory today for popular reasons. Product sales of all types of vehicles fell by nearly a 3rd this past year versus 2014. However, we was able to prevent manufacturing freezes and size layouts. To a great level, it was accomplished compliment of Government steps.

In 2015, the automotive business received 43 billion roubles in state support. The programmes stimulating demand, which involved updating the vehicle fleet and decreasing vehicle credit and rental prices, had a positive impact. Away from over 1.5 million brand-new automobiles bought a year ago, over a third were purchased at a unique paid down price. We'll keep on with this plan in 2010.

Relating to current estimates, the marketplace will not post a significant development in the longer term. Both the rouble rate in addition to increasing cost of automobile parts don't play with its favour.

We must urgently organise our efforts on replacing the imports of automobile parts. We ought to ensure we've our own domestic sequence of manufacturing from recycleables toward final item; develop a list of automobile components to begin their production in our nation; put the foundations the design of promising products and components. This can be our key objectives.

We ought to be much more careful in evaluation of our export options and advertise our businesses and companies on international areas. It is the international market existence that permits a national automotive industry to continue its constant development both today plus in the long term.

The federal government resolution on the automotive business assistance programme for 2016 has been finalized. The will receive more in subsidies than any other civil business. The programme is aimed at supplying the basis when it comes to resumption of development of Russian carmakers. The full total volume of financing will attain 50 billion roubles. In real numbers, it equals the 2015 help bundle amount.

Meeting regarding present state of automotive industry and its own major development techniques until 2025

We'll carry on the implementation of the key steps of 2015. The car fleet up-date programme may be the main product on that list. Paid down vehicle credit and local rental prices programmes will even remain. Russian organizations will receive economic assistance to their investment credits. The state will also allocate funds to regional authorities to acquire municipal solution vehicles running on gas, and to buy buses and trolleybuses. It will carry on its large-scale programme to safeguard efficient tasks and relieve the change towards creation of automobiles of greater euro emission standards.

Dmitry Medvedev: "The Government resolution from the automotive industry assistance programme for 2016 happens to be signed. The programme aims at supplying the foundation for resumption of growth of Russian carmakers. The full total number of financing will achieve 50 billion roubles."



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