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At Oasis vehicle Wash techniques we manufacture dependable, high-speed, efficient car wash gear with all the investor in mind. Our products are built to be the ideal available on the market. We don’t take shortcuts, because there’s no substitute for quality.

This Investor’s guide is out there mostly for many who are looking into buying the vehicle wash business for the first time, or just who may only be fascinated in regards to what is tangled up in beginning a car washing company. Although after info is accurate, factors particularly equipment and land prices, demographics for different regions of the nation, and every investor’s private objectives allow it to be impossible of these recommendations to suit everyone. When familiarized using subsequent information, a possible trader needs adequate back ground to start researching equipment makers and distributors who'll have the ability to provide information particularly prices, equipment needs, and construction requirements.

The reason why spend money on the automobile wash business?

vehicle WashOwning a vehicle wash may be a profitable financial investment chance.
Here are a few factors many purchase a car or truck wash:

  • Relative Autonomy – At a self-serve or automated automobile wash, either the customer or equipment performs the work, thereby getting rid of the need for many staff members. Generally, it takes only several employees to keep and cleanse a niche site throughout busier elements of a single day to keep the procedure operating smoothly.
  • Very easy to handle – From an operator’s perspective, a car or truck wash is relatively simple to perform for the reason that there are few employees issues, minimal product inventories, and couple of maintenance demands. Also, income is certainly not problematic for the reason that there aren't any reports receivable or individual inspections.
  • Cheap – a motor vehicle clean features low direct working prices, and fixed expenses, including insurance and bookkeeping, tend to be minimal.
  • High give – The aspects mentioned above, along with 24/7, all-season need, development possibilities, and tax incentives makes a motor vehicle clean a high-return investment enterprise.

Taking the leap

Car with SoapWhilst it takes less work to run a car or truck wash than other organizations, an owner must be included when they expect you'll make a profit. Absentee owners not merely make their particular web sites vulnerable to theft and vandalism, additionally compromise profits when they expect to maintain a clear, efficient web site and keep customers pleased without dedication. Though it is true a car clean can “run itself” a an element of the time, proprietors must expect to be there to do upkeep also to handle issues as they come. In order to grow and benefit, an operator must approach car washing with similar “married to it” sense of dedication put on just about any small company.


When a trader chooses the automobile clean industry is suitable for them, several elements require consideration.


Deciding on the best place is the most essential to help working an effective operation. Some considerations take:

  • Traffic matter – a matter from 1, 000 to 3, 000+ cars/day is desirable, but a diminished traffic site may however become successful.
  • Site Accessibility – A site should be extremely available and visible through the street.Pre-Fab Building Corner lots, access from both edges for the road, several driveways, and individual entrances and exits all make a niche site more available.
  • Demographics – Being in an evergrowing community, near a domestic area (apartment buildings and housing advancements), and surrounded by other convenience organizations is right.
  • Diverse Climate – Some the busiest automobile washes have been in regions in which the weather condition often changes. Bad climate, particularly snow, boost company considerably.
  • Zoning rules – town zoning guidelines should always be checked whenever choosing a site.
  • Competition – Nearby competitors should really be about 1 to 2 miles away for a greatly inhabited area, and further in spots that are more rural.
  • Usage of Utilities – Availability of electrical, fuel, and sewer solutions should be thought about.


In self-serve and automated car washing, gear is a site’s bread and butter. This is the reason buying the most affordable gear available leads many investors towards unintended consequences of pricey upkeep and down-time. Although cost will likely to be one of the main determining aspects in selecting gear, the main thing to consider is worth. Dependability, warranty, result capabilities, cleansing power, and durability are some of the elements to consider when it comes to the worth of gear.

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According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, auto mechanics have an annual fatal accident rate of 4.3 per 100,000,  about equal to that of plumbers. Chart here: 


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