Car Washing Machine manufacturers

Pure earnings from an automobile clean

Tammermatic car wash machines represent an original concept within the wash business. The devices are designed to yield much better profits for operators of filling channels by providing the best washing outcomes alongside value-added solutions. Quicker wash programs increase the clean ability, while wash substance quantities are easily adjusted to requirement to help save in procuring costly chemicals. New value-added options, such tyre polishing and versatile waxing operations, boost the cost of washes.

Optimum shining wash outcomes

Sophisticated cleansing techniques and numerous choice choices in wash programs provide exceptional final results in all marketplace segments plus in any washing conditions. Tammermatic car clean devices produce shining clean outcomes with optimum prices and cost effectively both in wet problems as well as in dirty summertime temperature.

Accessories enable devices become tailored

Our functional choice contains a selection of appropriate machines for just about any need and any washing site. Our machines can certainly be tailored to individual demands and may be modified per individual client by utilising different options and add-ons which are being offered.

Tammermatic T700 brings the washing company to a different level

The Tammermatic T700 car wash series establishes new standards in the automobile wash business. The greatest washing results in the marketplace, the absolute most functional properties, the rate and an innovative new age control screen, and remotely controlled programmes and a chemical feed provide the possibility to update the wash business to an entirely brand-new degree!

Optimise your wash procedure, enhance customer care, while increasing how many washes, normal cost and turnover utilizing the brand-new Tammermatic T700 sets wash devices.

A functional graphical user interface in addition enables handy remote control

The T700 machines consist of a net browser-based graphical user interface, that can easily be managed either locally from a panel Computer or remotely through a network link where in fact the clean machine works connected to the system. The consumer interface features a number of user amounts provided with different rights, which offer access for reading the alarms and wash counters on device, and in addition enables the clean machine to be manually managed during a wash, and/or digital documents which have been conserved within the interface is browsed, or even for wash programs to be changed, all depending upon the readily available individual level. The devices provides various user amounts, such as for instance one each for upkeep personnel, importers, and Tammermatic's very own representatives.

PRO pesunlopetusThe remote control computer software allows answers to be created for issue situations whenever and anywhere they might arise. Like, where a fault in machine may arise, the cause of the fault may be diagnosed even if there are no employees with interface administration rights present. The remote connection additionally reduces device downtime to at least in error situations, because the maintenance mechanics can explore faults before a site telephone call is also made. This allows the choice is ready for future repair works and anticipate the necessity for possible extra parts before solution phone calls are made by the user.



Is it dangerous to do your own car repair? - Quora

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, auto mechanics have an annual fatal accident rate of 4.3 per 100,000,  about equal to that of plumbers. Chart here: 


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