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SR Foose Cars develops the fastest Veyron in the world. The first Bugatti Veyron features just two V8 machines side by side rendering it a 16 cylinder as a W16. TheSR Foose Cars variation was created to on battle the original with both a 20 cylinder or 24 cylinder motor. SR Foose Cars created the Veyron tube framework to accommodate two V-10 engines in-line together. The engines tend to be related to the output shaft for the two V-10s collectively. Additionally on the same framework pipe chassis we can develop two V-12 motors in-line with one another. With two V-12 engines it really is one of many quickest Super vehicles in the world. Officially the original Veyron, Bugatti is amongst the fastest Super cars worldwide because they joined two V-8 machines onto the other person, and then allow both of them share similar crankshaft. This setup produces the W-16 engine based in the Veyron. Both V's produce a W. utilizing the SR Foose Cars designed design Veyron Replica it really is housing two V-12 engines on a lightweight chassis and lightweight carbonfibre blended with kevlar body which will be quicker and can completely do the initial Bugatti Veyron. The cost to construct a Bugatti Veyron replica with two BMW V-12 motors at turn key stage will definitely cost United States $50, 500.00 if you are contemplating creating this Super vehicle we're going to guarantee to car will likely be finished 90 days after you position the purchase.

For 2 brand new V12 BMW engines installed into the pipe framework for the Veyron kit it will cost US$50, 000.00. The energy pack SR Veyron kit with two motors equalling 24 cylinders is amongst the fastest automobiles in the field. This reproduction is built on a tube design framework with the two BMW machines which makes it increased overall performance super vehicle. This system is the better financial investment of all SR Foose Cars models exhibited on our catalog. In addition this price includes to make key stage interior finished paint work completed as well as the stereo Pioneer AVIC-Z1 Navigation System with CD-IB100II iPod Adapter with a 7" touchscreen show, featuring spectacular GPS navigation, outstanding AV system audio settings, and numerous recommended modules for iPod connection, Bluetooth, satellite radio, and more. iPod kit charges your iPod whilst drawing songs from the superior Dock. The buying price of the Veyron kit about this chassis using the LS1 motor to show crucial phase will cost US, 000.00 Donor vehicle Corvette chassis designed with the C5 Corvette 1997 design year. The transmission in the rear associated with vehicle to form a rear-mounted transaxle assembly and it is attached to the motor because of the driveshaft. This can be a third-generation little block LS1 engine. It's rated at 350 horse power. The purchase price in the event that Veyron system on this framework will definitely cost US$24, 000.00 Donor car Mustang chassis 1998 year design using SOHC 4.6L V8 power is increased to 225 hp (168kW) via a far more hostile PCM calibration, a somewhat changed fuel system, and bigger volume fatigue system through increased exhaust pipeline diameter the Veyron system built to this framework utilising the 4.6L V8. The cost of the Veyron system to the chassis is going to be $US25, 000.00 Donor automobile Mercedes Benz chassis 1994 model 12 months, 500E/E500 with a 6.0L M119 V8 motor by tuner "E60 AMG" 400 hp (298 kW). The E60 AMG transported a 381BHP engine and certainly will accelerate to 60 MPH in 5.3 moments. Just for US, 945.00 Tube framework built with an innovative new V12 BMW motor as seen on our SR will cost with the Veyron kit on US$37, 945.00.



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