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Car manufacturers in Italy

chatting Italian - vehicle brandsWith the Italian GP taking place at Monza this weekend the U Drive Cars team have been speaking Italian Cars.
The automobile manufacturing business in Italy is huge, with at least 16 makers presently in production.

Everyone must certanly be acquainted with your family names of Alfa Romeo (Est 1910) and Fiat (Est 1899). Those two will be the significant car makers in Italy, but they are you acquainted the relatively brand-new Italian producers: Covini (Est 1978), DR (Est 2006) & Effedi (Est 1979)?

When chatting Italian the supercars of Lamborghini, Ferrari and Maserati constantly one thinks of. They are manufacturers which our trainers are extremely familiar with even as we have actually two from the three producers within fleet. No Italian automobile talk would be complete without looking at Lancia’s an Italian icon for motorsport followers global.

Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo began in 1910 as A.L.F.A. (or Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica di Automobili) and contains created almost 40 the latest models of like the Giuletta, the Montreal, the GTV as well as the Spider. Involved with motorsport since 1911 in accordance with gains in Targa Florio, European Touring vehicle Championship, the Le Mans twenty-four hour and the Formula One World Championship to name a few, they now mainly taking part in touring cars.

U Drive Cars speaking Italian - Fiat Barchetta.


Fiat began on 11th July 1899 once the Societa aninima Fabbrica Italiana di Automobili – Torino had been formed and has created 74 different models like the Otto Vu (1952-1954), the jet powered Turbina (off 1954) as well as the Barchetta (since 1995). Involved with motorsport since 1900, Fiat has a highly skilled record, including three World Rally Championships.


Lancia started in 1906 when Vincenzo Lancia, 25 years old at that time, and a colleague Claudio Fogolin, put up their particular very first factory to create automobiles in Turin. Lancia has actually created 32 models including rally legends ‘the Stratos’ ‘the Delta S4’ additionally the ‘HF Integrale’. In motorsport Lancia has actually a strong rally heritage – the delta securing 6 consecutive world rally championship wins (1987-1992). They have been taking part in Formula One utilizing the Lancia D50 (1954), and, competed in sports vehicle race because of the Group 6 Lancia LC1 (182-1983) therefore the Lancia LC2 (1983-1986).

U Drive Cars speaking Italian - Lancia Integrale Martini 5.Maserati

Maserati ended up being launched by four brothers of that title in 1914, and also produced 18 designs including the Quattroporte (1963), the Bora (1971), the MC12 (2004) while the Gran Turismo (2007). Throughout its history, Maserati has actually participated in various kinds of motorsports including Formula One, sportscar rushing and touring car race, both as a works group and through exclusive entrants. Maserati created fifteen GranTurismo MC racecars, homologated the European Cup and National stamina Series, among that was raced by GT motorsport organization Cool Victory in Dubai in January, 2010.


Produced in 1898, between the wars Enzo Ferrari first drove for after which ran the race group for Alfa Romeo. In 1939 he founded his very own organization at Modena, but it was belated 1946 before the first Ferrari vehicle, the 125S, was to emerge. Among Ferrari’s 31 models you will find the ‘250 GT California Spyder’ (1957), the ‘Dino 206’ (1965) in addition to ‘Enzo’ (2002). Most likely most readily useful understand in motorsport for Formula one, did you know that the very first automobile created by Enzo was not capable carry the name Ferrari so it had been known as AAC815. Alongside Formula one Ferrari have also participated and won the Le Mans a day, the Mille Miglia plus the Targo Florio.


Ferruccio Lamborghini, an Italian production magnate, founded Automobili Ferruccio Lamborghini in 1963, and 20 Lamobrghini models are created. These include the 350GT (1964-1966), the Coutach (1974-1990), the Diablo (1990-2001). Lamobrghini’s initially ever motorsport division developed the Lamborghini Squadra Corsa in 2013. Lamborghini are currently working GT3 because of the Huracan. Just before 2013 Lamborghini did not have a racing programme, they performed nonetheless did develop and supply machines when it comes to the Larrousse, Lotus, Ligier, Minardi and Modena teams during the early 90’s.

If you fancy taking a look at even more Italian vehicles then have a look at our ‘chatting Italian”– Cars ‘board on Pinterest, find it by pressing here.

Ideas source list: Wikipedia.
U Drive Cars chatting Italian - Maserati MC12. U Drive Cars speaking Italian - the Lamborghini Huracan Talking Italian - 1966 Alfa Romeo Spider Duertto U Drive Cars speaking Italian - 1962 Ferrari 250 GT.



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