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phoenixYou’ve seen cars made from carbon fiber. Have you seen one made from bamboo-cane stalks?? The Phoenix does a pretty dapper task of pulling down an Automobile design using this all-natural material. It uses the cane’s flow-y type to create an automobile aesthetic that looks futuristic, however native! The Cane stalks tend to be molded to build the car’s beautifully aerodynamic contours, virtually in a fashion that makes the vehicle look like it's travelling at super-speed!

Whilst the automobile seems dreamy with its brand new avatar, it is no secret that Cane is a brilliant material for automotive building. it is already seen furnishings programs for centuries, so there’s absolutely nothing abnormal about the vehicle being made with it. It can be molded in almost any shape, this has extremely high tensile power and effect energy. In addition it ages beautifully, and it is fire resistant. What much more do you really need!

Manufacturers: Albrecht Birkner & Kenneth Cobonpue

phoenix3The developers wanted to create a lightweight yet financially viable concept vehicle made from bamboo, rattan, metal and nylon. Phoenix had been built entirely handmade by a team of competent weavers and craftsmen in just 10 times. This task tries to reveal the continuing future of green automobiles using woven skins from organic fibers mated to composite products and powered by green technology.

Phoenix is empowered by types and structures present nature. Utilizing an individual spine as present in vertebrae and plants, the style car uses an exterior construction like a leaf. The inside stems from just one woven surface that begins from the front and forms the dashboard, flooring and seats. The surface weave moves across the shape and satisfies the inner lines in a single bundle comprising the tail.

Cars have been an item of heavy business making use of tremendous sources, expensive tooling and exorbitant power. Phoenix challenges meeting by sourcing green products from the planet and using a frame that is built manually using extremely minimal tools and energy. These days, cars are engineered and built so well they in fact outlive their particular purpose. Folks replace their particular automobiles any 5 years in commercial countries and 10-20 many years in developing nations. Because of this, disposal becomes an environmental issue. Phoenix presents the thought of a naturally woven skin which biodegrades with the lifetime of the vehicle. Should a car’s life extend longer than average, this shell could be replaced cheaply. Not any longer something of automation, Phoenix brings back the dignity associated with the person and will pay homage towards the abilities of the craftsman. Furthermore, since it is handmade, structures can be individualized in accordance with the needs associated with person.



Is it dangerous to do your own car repair? - Quora

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, auto mechanics have an annual fatal accident rate of 4.3 per 100,000,  about equal to that of plumbers. Chart here: 


Car Manufacturing process
Car Manufacturing process

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