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BendPak Parking Lifts ganged together6, 000-lb. Ability, Two-Post Tilt System Vehicle Stacker Parking Carry

BendPak’s PLT-6S parking lift had been made for both commercial and domestic usage and it is the perfect car parking option whenever roof clearances are limited and automobile heights tend to be limited. Each PLT-6S parking lift functions twin hydraulic lifting cylinders, and a high power safety lock system.

7, 000-lb. Capacity, Two-Post Automobile Stacker Parking Carry

Should you want to make the most from your restricted parking space, whether it is private or commercial, you will need reasonably limited parking raise. BendPak gets the answer: the PL-7000XR 2-Post auto stacker parking raise elegantly makes your parking areas work doubly difficult for you personally. It’s minimal impact enables several installations within limited areas for optimum space effectiveness. Plus, because of the extensive level, this raise can very quickly accommodate bigger automobiles, using your parking abilities to new levels. With a 7, 000-lb. ability, dual-hydraulic cylinder, wide-deck platform and integrated key-activated power switch; the PL-7000XR parking lift presents unparalleled convenience and usefulness for virtually any parking scenario. But what else could you anticipate from BendPak?

9, 000-lb. Ability Standard Width Car Stacker Parking Lift

BendPak auto stacker parking lifts could be placed extremely near togetherThe HD-9 is your tough, 9, 000-lb. lifting answer. Perfect for automobile storage space and service—at the store or perhaps in the garage. Whether you’re something expert or a DIY’er, BendPak’s got the best raise for you personally. This design can be obtained with optional casters, dip-trays, jack platform and much more.

9, 000-lb. Capacity Slim Width Vehicle Stacker Parking Lift

The HD-9ST is a rugged, standard-height, space-saver option with a 9, 000-lb. raising capacity. Perfect for vehicle storage and service—at the store or perhaps in the storage. Whether you are something professional or a DIY'er, BendPak's got the proper raise for you personally. This design can be obtained with optional casters, dip-trays, jack system plus.

9, 000-lb. Capability Slim Width, Extra-Tall Automobile Stacker Parking Lift

The HD-9STX is the 9, 000-lb. durable lifting solution if you'd like get some thing heavy up high, you do not have many space on the floor to raise it with. Ideal for car storage space and service—at the store or perhaps in the garage. Whether you are something professional or a DIY'er, BendPak’s got the right raise for you. This design can be obtained with optional casters, dip-trays, jack system and more.

9, 000-lb. Capacity Standard Width, Extra-Tall Car Stacker Parking Carry

The HD-9XW is your 9, 000-lb. durable lifting option if you want get something heavy up high, however don’t have a complete storage to dedicate towards the lift. Ideal for automobile storage and service—at the shop or perhaps in the garage. Whether you're a site professional or a DIY'er, BendPakhas suitable raise available. This model is present with optional casters, dip-trays, jack platform and more.

9, 000-lb. Capacity Super Wide Automobile Stacker Parking Carry

The HD-9SW could be the DIYer's ideal double-vehicle storage space and service answer. Store two vehicles on four runways. Available with casters, drip-trays, jack platform and more.

BendPak's all new tilt car stacker parking raise is regarded as their best9, 000-lb. Capability Extra Wide, Traditional Height, Long Runway Automobile Stacker Parking Carry

The HD-9XL can be your 9, 000-lb. durable lifting option if you need carry trucks and cars with a wider and / or longer wheel base. Ideal for car storage and service—at the store or in the storage. Whether you're something expert or a DIY'er, BendPakhas just the right lift for your needs. This model can be obtained with recommended casters, dip-trays, jack platform and more.

9, 000-lb. Ability Super Open 82" Increase Car Stacker Parking Carry

The HD-9SWX is the DIYer's super-tall, double-vehicle storage space and service solution. Store two cars on four runways. Available with casters, drip-trays, jack system and more.

14, 000-lb. Capac., Four-Post Car Stacker Parking Carry, 3 Levels

The PL‐14000 by BendPak is a 4‐post auto stacker parking raise designed for indoor or outside procedure and it is the most cost effective way to triple the capacity of typical parking areas. The 3‐stacker PL‐14000 could be the ultimate area saver permitting three vehicles becoming stacked in one parking room.

18, 000-lb. Ability, 3 Ganged Four-Post Parking Carry, 4 Amounts

The PL-18000 by BendPak is a 4-post vehicle stacker parking raise made for interior or outdoor operation and is the most cost effective way to boost the capability of typical parking places. The quad-stacker PL-18000 is the ultimate room saver allowing four vehicles become stacked in one parking area. Shared, ganged columns enhance value by reducing the few elements necessary for multi-unit installments. Each raise uses a specially designed base frame that directs force making these unique lifting systems suited to set up on just about any residential or commercial cement flooring.

automobile stacker parking lifts also work great in domestic garages35, 000-lb. Super-Duty Drive-On Fleet Car Stacker Parking Lift System

Whenever area is essential, the HDS-35PX super-duty truck parking lift is king – saving you money by permitting you to keep even more vehicles or large vehicles in less space. Whether your business is fleet, RV storage, vehicle leasing, government and public-utility or bus companies, utilize the HDS-35PX as a site raise and you’ll raise your investment worth more.

Let's chat house garage storage and professional general public garage parking solutions. BendPak focuses on offering airport parking storage lifts to both commercial and private areas. Our strength as a leader in the parking lift business guarantees that we offer the finest quality & most officially higher level auto parking answers to our customers. The stability of our auto parking lifts, as evidenced because of the thousands of systems presently set up worldwide has remained a constant feature of our items. Para información

Whether you are the owner of a general public parking structure or simply would like to get the absolute most storage from the personal carport or garage, BendPak has actually a selection of advanced automobile stacker parking lifts to genuinely maximize your office. You can expect both two-post, single-post and four-post three-level stacker configurations because of the tiniest footprints possible. As with every BendPak product, safety and durability are our major issue, so these durable, small parking lifts feature immediately engaging spring-actuated locks, a great amount of hard-working muscle mass for hectic garages and ergonomic operator settings for exceptional ease-of use.

Here at BendPak, we succeed our company not to only construction products, but to continuously improve all of them to include more features, even more convenience and much better technology than someone else in the market. Our parking raise functions are constantly being copied by other makers just who try to hold their particular expenses down by maybe not bothering to-do their very own engineering. But we have spent the past 40 years building a great reputation and relationship with this cherished consumers, so we will not do anything to jeopardize that. The reason why gamble on some unidentified parking raise on your own garage storage space? Always bet on BendPak for extremely best automotive solution gear.

BendPak parking lifts have already been featured in some associated with the highest profile shops worldwide BendPak's brand new triple stacker parking lift is revolutionizing the



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