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Slot car manufacturers

We’re preparing the Slot automobile Championships at EuroMold! Will you be? Are you experiencing your slot automobile design willing to be imprinted?

If you’re nonetheless taking care of your design or are searching for some motivation, take a look at solidThinking’s “Making of the Slot Car” video for his or her entry at RAPID 2014.

At our Slot vehicle Championships, we've some categories that participants can win. Apart from getting the general race champion, we likewise have categories particularly many original design, crowd’s favorite, quickest lap. At FAST, solidThinking’s entry won probably the most innovative utilization of Additive production.

The car had been created both to have a streamlined and aerodynamic look along with an impact-resistant structure. They found an answer because they build an underlying structurally-efficient design that will last to your crash or bump from the program. After that, they made an obvious outer layer go over this structure to give it that polished and aerodynamic look. And voila! An award-worthy slot car came to be.



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