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Cuba-Cars-Blue.jpgWith an estimated 60, 000 vintage vehicles nonetheless in Cuba, these old classics tend to be a tribute into the nostalgia for the past. Surprisingly, no brand new components being sent to Cuba to service these car's because the ealry 60's, and currently run-on the only real ingenuity for the Cuban folks. Can you imagine how they do this? Surprisingly, they either manufacture their replacement components, make use of typical household items, or repurpose components from older Soviet automobiles to keep these operating.

The sole United states vehicles that can be bought for exclusive use within Cuba (with "particular" dishes) are those which were formerly subscribed for exclusive use and obtained ahead of the transformation.Cuba-Cars-Brown.jpg However, if owner doesn’t have the proper report work called a “traspaso”, the vehicle cannot be legally offered.[5] American vehicles that were current, at the time of the embargo, were maintained through loving care and ingenuity. And since there were many of these, due to the existence of a past strong Cuban middle-class, [6] classic vehicles being the typical, instead of an exception in Cuba. Also President Fulgencio Batista’s child owned a 1956 Corvette.[7] As a result of constant proper care, numerous stay in great working order because Cuban folks are able to conform to a diminishing way to obtain components to help keep the vehicles working.Cuba-Cars-buick.jpg The people who own these “yank tanks” tend to be sitting on a possible “gold my own” that, if the embargo had been is raised, the Cuban individuals will make fast money by offering their vehicles to individuals who collect and restore them.[8]

Having said that, a majority of these cars, specifically those in taxi solution, have-been transformed into accept replacement machines, usually Soviet diesel engines. Luckily, it is an adjustment that offers a car or truck a fresh lease on life. The practical limitations of engine durability, scarcity of replacement components, additionally the large price of gas in post Cold War (approximately 75 U.S. cents a liter in the summertime of 2002)[1] Cuba made diesel energy (roughly 15 to 20 U.S. cents)[1] a favorite choice for motor replacement, if the right fuel engine couldn’t be obtained.

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According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, auto mechanics have an annual fatal accident rate of 4.3 per 100,000,  about equal to that of plumbers. Chart here: 


Honda, car Manufacturing
Honda, car Manufacturing

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