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LADA Vehicle Maker – Most Trusted and Proven Russian Vehicle Companies

LADA is amongst the most useful Russian Car maker and car manufacturer. The corporation is established in the year 1996. Ever since then the company is manufacturing the automobiles. This car producer worn exports all the vehicle products over the elements of globe. The vehicles are designed with contemporary designs in the status of European automobile brands. The automobile LADA hits the destination while using the comforts.

  • Years: 1966 – Established Year
  • Headquarters: Togliatti, Samara Oblast
  • Founder/Parent Company: JSC AvtoVAZ
  • Web Site:

The logo of LADA vehicle brand name is designed with blue color. One can obtain the name of brand name by the logo design it self. This can be presently some Renault.

Volga, Zil and Moskvich will be the various other vehicle producer in Russia and enormous amount of cars produced in Russia. Volga business had been started in the entire year 1946. They provide luxurious car into convenience of customers. Physicians, attorneys and governmental associates choose this design. Which means this organization attained the wide range mark.

GAZ vehicle Company of Russia

The automobile, Volga endured inside primary position of Russia vehicle industry. This business made several types of designs available in the market. The prices are attractive. The recent circulated design is circulated the Cops.

Russian car makers include many automobile organizations. ZIL is a Russian comfortable car company. It really is established in the season 1916. This provider additionally produces vehicles buses and tractors with the automobiles.

Moskvich is a popular vehicle business in Russia

  • Many Years: 1930 – Set Up 12 Months
  • Headquarters: Moscow, Russia
  • Founder/Parent Business: AZLK

Another popular Russian automobile company is Moskvich. This is certainly an attribute of conventional Russian energy. Development of Russian automotive industry enhanced using the enlargement of car models. Moskvich includes many varieties of cars. Some of them are 412, 408, 2142. The research and approval is performed nationwide. Some individuals also assert agrees in the worth of Russian Car Brands. The logo design associated with the organization was created because of the brand name in red colorization.

GAZ Vehicle Business of Russia

  • Many Years: 1932 – Established Year
  • Headquarters: Nizhny Novgorod, Russia
  • Founder/Parent Business: GAZ Group

GAZ is another foremost vehicle business of Russia. The logo design of GAZ appears great with a dear figure. This grasps the interest of buyers and gives attraction on body of car. This brand is specific when you look at the production of car machinery. The labels of heavy vehicles, automobiles are introduced to the market with lucrative values by this car company.



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