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Number 1 car Manufacturing in the world

BMW marketed 1.81m cars globally last year, a rise of 10percent on 2013's figure. Oahu is the tenth year operatingBMW offered 1.81m vehicles worldwide just last year, an increase of 10per cent on 2013’s figure. It’s the tenth 12 months operating the Munich company have-been known as top-selling carmaker worldwide. Photo: AFP/Getty Photos

BMW outsold Audi and Mercedes-Benz in December to round off a 10th year because the world’s top selling deluxe carmaker – but its two German rivals have actually decreased its advantage.

Deliveries by BMW’s core brand hopped 14percent last month to 177, 954 automobiles. That took full-year sales to a record 1.81m, up 10percent, the business stated on Friday, citing powerful demand in China and also the usa.

Mercedes-Benz, which dropped into third destination behind Audi in 2011 in the three-way German deluxe contest, overcome its competitor for an extra right month with December sales of 163, 171 automobiles, a 17% gain, the organization stated.

In comparison, Audi, the Volkswagen-owned luxury unit, sold 150, 000 models, a 15per cent enhance on year-ago amounts.

Across year Munich-based BMW offered 1.81 million vehicles worldwide, 9.5per cent significantly more than in 2013. Audi increased sales by 10.5per cent to 1.74 million. Mercedes-Benz came in third with 1.65m, up 12.9per cent.

BMW marketing chief Ian Robertson stated the organization managed to boost product sales in all essential areas thanks to strong demand for brand-new models such as the X4, the 2-Series Active Tourer as well as the electric i3, which uses advanced carbon fibre products to save lots of weight.

Analysts stated BMW, Audi and Mercedes may hold increasing product sales further this present year but pointed to signs of slowing momentum in the united states and China.

“Demand in the US seemingly have outpaced underlying economic growth plus the growth in China is slowing, ” stated Frankfurt-based Commerzbank analyst Sascha Gommel. “The German premiums will keep developing but at a slower price.”



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