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The four – John Towers, Peter Beale, Nick Stephenson and John Edwards – wanted to leverage the marque’s sporting previous by rebranding it MG Rover with promises of the latest designs and in addition objectives of workers taking stakes inside organization.

The Phoenix Four: (L-R) John Towers, Peter Beale, Nick Stephenson and John Edwards

At first the Phoenix Four enjoyed powerful neighborhood assistance, including a community “March for Rover” and a campaign from the acquisition of BMW cars.

Towers, Beale, Stephenson and Edwards all came in for scathing critique for their actions behind MG Rover’s wheel, and .

They refuted the claims. After a 2009 Government report into MG Rover’s failure the four . It drips with all the hallmarks of the federal government – spin, smear and point-blank refusal to take any obligation because of their own activities.

“Our greatest regret is that the organization couldn't fundamentally be conserved. Most of us had powerful links towards business. Saving MG Rover had been why we took the process on originally, maybe not personal gain. The advice that we place private gain in front of the passions of MG Rover is completely unpleasant and an entire travesty of this truth.”

But whilst the statements and counter-claims started, the administrator had been quick to do something, offering key assets to Nanjing Automobile Group. There were hopes production would resume at Rover’s Longbridge plant underneath the new ownership but just months later gear was being sent to Asia.

Amount car manufacturing seemed to be closing in Britain – and with the economic crisis brewing, on the face from it the picture would just worsen.

Fast-forward 10 years which bleak perspective hasn’t come to pass. Indeed, the opposite has taken destination.

Mike Hawes, chief executive of business body the community of engine Manufacturers and dealers (SMMT) proudly talks of an “automotive renaissance” when explaining .

In 1972 whenever British auto manufacturing was at its top, 1.92m cars rolled from the line. That figure had declined to amount of about 1.6m when you look at the years preceding Rover’s failure, after that dived to below 1m while the economic crash struck.

Since then it’s rebounded right back over the point after Rover’s collapse and looks set to hold climbing.

The largest driver of this development is resurgent Jaguar land-rover (JLR). Bought by Tata from Ford 5 years ago for £1.4bn, that price-tag today appears a steal. Its Indian mother or father features pumped in £10bn because the acquisition, with plans for a further £3bn of financial investment in 2010. The results talk for themselves: over the period JLR’s .

But while JLR may enjoying the many voluminous success, Sussex-based Rolls-Royce is seeing even more powerful growth within really high end of this marketplace. The BMW-owned marque sold fewer than 1, 000 cars around Rover were unsuccessful: last year it smashed through 4, 000 for the first time.

“There are many factors behind the UK automobile business’s renaissance, ” says Professor David Bailey, an industry expert at Aston University. “Some had been chance, like exchange price with sterling depreciating – God knows exactly what would have happened to our automobile manufacturing when we have been in euro.

“But international proprietors came in and spent and Britain’s vehicle business made the go on to upmarket cars. We don’t really make cheap vehicles more: in past times fifteen years the worthiness of cars created right here has grown by 30pc above rising prices.”

This drive upmarket has actually meant that growing middles courses in promising economies tend to be clamouring the cachet that having an extravagance Brit car parked when you look at the drive delivers.

It’s investment which has been the answer to success according to Mike Wright, executive director at JLR.

“Issues like MG Rover’s collapse were extremely significant for the area but Jaguar and land-rover had been continuing and spending to a certain extent therefore we could start brand-new automobiles which made the downturn not very significant.”

Various other worldwide automobile organizations with British operations – such Nissan and Honda – were also capable invest through the downturn and also this is now paying down.

Jaguar has dedicated to building models like the F-Type

“For united states the pivotal minute was included with Tata’s purchase, ” says Mr Wright whom worked for Rover, land-rover and Jaguar under previous owners including BAE, BMW and Ford. “If you are not creating and manufacturing great new cars to produce then offer around the world... that’s for which you encounter trouble.”

The vast sums of Rolls-Royce dedicated to its brand new plant in Goodwood is testament into self-confidence international people have in Britain’s automobile business.

“The desire to have automobile companies and design never ever reduced, ” states a spokesman when it comes to deluxe car-maker. “It ended up being simply the cash that was necessary to cause them to viable.”



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