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Industrial Electrical engine Works features a group of skilled professionals focused on offering our consumers the highest quality fix offered. Our store is UL listed, and strives to have the latest in repair and assessment gear. We have been members of the electric Apparatus Service Association (EASA) for over thirty many years. IEM is authorized to complete warranty restoration the next makers:

  • Toshiba
  • Reliance - Reliance Certified Company

Upon arrival, at our store the engine is tested and inspected to ascertain if it ought to be replaced or fixed. It is determined utilising the Baker Advanced Surge Testers and Winding Analyzer together with Hubbell Hipotronics Model# HD100 Hi-Pot Tester. When fix is needed the engine after that experiences our rewinding procedure. With this process, the motor is removed, and all sorts of components washed. The technical division micrometer checks all-bearing suits. If device work is needed, the components are then provided for our in-house device shop. Substitution coils are wound in-house after which installed inside motor. After setting up the latest coils, the motor is dipped and baked or VPI'd. All engines over 50HP tend to be VPI'd as standard process. The motor is tested, once again. following this test, the motor is put together, hi-pot tested, and operate at full voltage on our Phenix Test Center. We also provide Dynamometer Testing, IRD Balancing, and Vibration testing, when needed.

Our diagnostic and testing gear include the PdMA MCE maximum (motor circuit evaluator), the Phenix CL-25 Coreloss tester, and IRD Series 290 balancer, the Phenix MTS 500 motor test center and Hubbell hipotronics Model # HD100 Hi-Pot Tester. We also provide Dynamometer Testing, Vibration research plus residence Vacuum Pressure Impregnation making use of epoxy resin.

IEM sells and solutions Toshiba pushes, only. The Reason Why? Because Toshiba AC Variable Frequency Drives would be the finest quality on the market. If there is a problem, we provide complete in-house service and repair.



Is it dangerous to do your own car repair? - Quora

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, auto mechanics have an annual fatal accident rate of 4.3 per 100,000,  about equal to that of plumbers. Chart here: 


Industrial Electric Motors
Industrial Electric Motors

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