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  • CD Replacement Mounts and Base See all 5 products in item household match Replacement Fan Heads generate your very own fans or replaces old, exhausted or damaged fan supports. Created using durable metal. UL indexed. Simply click for lots more
  • See all 7 things in item family substitute your Global Fan Motor with your Replacement Motors.

    Worldwide's 3-speed commercial motors power fans for efficient cooling and air circulation in most environments. Security clutch oscillating process enables fixed head positioning and oscillating lover operation with a 90° brush to aid cover larger places for maximum cooling. PSC-type ball bearing motors are forever lubricated for long life. Includes SJT-type power cord. Motors for Pedestal lovers feature a control switch for 3-speed operation. 18'L cord. Engines for Wall Fans have actually pull chain procedure and certainly will also be employed on Global’s I-Beam and Ceiling Mount fans. 12'L power cord. 120V. UL listed.

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  • See all 11 things in item household Combine with Replacement Fan Heads generate your own personal fans or replaces old, exhausted or broken fan supports. Fashioned with durable metal. All designs easily install to non-oscillating fan heads. Pedestal, Wall Mount and Pole Mounts enable installing of oscillating fan minds. Cannot install mount to followers with Yellow Powder Coat Finish. UL listed. Simply click for lots more
  • See all 5 items in item household Schaefer Replacement Fan Heads tend to be Versatile Air Circulators That Can Be attached to Ceilings, Walls, Pedestals, Or Carts.

    Schaefer substitution Fan Heads tend to be suited to any commercial, commercial or agricultural facility. Their particular corrosion-resistant metallic cages household aluminum lover blades for very long lasting toughness. Each Fan is running on a 2 speed engine with 1/4 or 1/2 hp. Venting ranges are 3850 to 12120 CFMs. Oscillating and Non-Oscillating models are available. Fan diameter sizes are 26-1/2", 33-1/2" or 40-3/8". OSHA compliant.

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  • See all 10 things in product household Airmaster Replacement Fan Heads are for sale to several Airmaster lovers.

    Airmaster Replacement Fan minds can be found in many different sizes in oscillating and non-oscillating styles for easy replacement on Airmaster industrial fans. 3-Year Restricted Warranty.

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  • See all 41 products in product household Airmaster Air Component areas enable Repair Of a number of Airmaster lovers.

    Airmaster Air Component components feature pedestals, propellers and more for easy restoration and maintenance of a variety of Airmaster Fans.

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  • See all 14 things in product family members Airmaster substitution Motors are designed For multiple Airmaster Fans.

    Airmaster Replacement Motors are available in single-phase and Three Phase designs in many power levels and speeds. Engines are available for oscillating and non-oscillating fans.

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  • See all 20 items in product household Airmaster protection Guards offer secured Operation Of many different Airmaster Fans.

    Airmaster protection Guards are available for Yellow Safety lovers, Direct Drive low-pressure lovers plus. Choose from front or back guards in a number of sizes.

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