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Industrial Gear Motors

industrial gear drive

Worm Gears

Worm gear right angle reducers can be bought in standard modular designs. Many makers mirror the others specifications. Worm gear reducers accommodate many ratios from 5:1 through 3600:1 and horse power ranges of .012 through 100. HP and ratios be determined by the reduced total of the container. John Bridge can develop lots of the standard containers internal. Contact us were prepared whenever you are.

Helical Parallel Shafts

Helical parallel shaft and bevel helical right angle equipment drives tackle many demanding applications. Case-hardened and ground helical gears; horizontal split case for easier maintenance and enormous diameter production shafts to maximize overhung lots. With optimum torque to at least one, 150, 500 pounds. inch and ratios from 6.3:1 to 315:1. With regards to your most demanding applications John Bridge Sons has got the expertise and item to satisfy your requirements.



Using the Falk Quadrive, you don’t need turn a blind attention to push reduction dilemmas. Quadrive is guaranteed to come off the shaft, regardless of period of service or operating problems, or we’ll change it – FREE. And it also’s backed by the industry’s very first standard, shaft-to-shaft 3 year guarantee. So open your eyes to trouble-free drive overall performance. Contact Rexnord or your Rexnord Provider Today.

end Dodging the Issue with Falk Quadrive – Removal Guaranteed!It’s an easy reality. The high quality, shaft-mounted Falk Quadrive features a completely special design that makes it the simplest, quickest shaft-mounted drive to set up and take away.

Quadrive should endure continuous harsh duty. And from now on, with brand-new higher reviews, perhaps you are capable downsize the drive, saving money right-up front.

The Falk TA Taper Bushing® design makes certain that drive removal isn't just simple, but won’t damage the drive, or driven gear. You don’t need extra time. You don’t require extra tools. And you’re guaranteed safe, worry-free operation.

industrial equipment driveIn a casino game in which you can find therefore couple of sure things, Falk Quadrive is the correct chance to take.

The TA Taper® Bushing… Easiest On, Quickest Off

The torque-assist taper bushing tends to make set up and removal simple. It eliminates binding discovered with twin-taper and single-flanged bushings. Concentric procedure minimizes wobble, also on worn shafts. The quill cover keeps contaminants out and safeguards the outboard shaft seal. The inboard bushing place minimizes sheave overhang, preserving high-speed bearings. Minimal shaft engagement is necessary for retrofits.

Life Reduction Guarantee

Due to the unique properties of this TA Taper® Bushing, Quadrive is guaranteed to come-off the shaft no matter duration of service or operating problems, or we’ll change it COMPLIMENTARY. That’s a promise no other shaft-mounted drive could make.

rr trans planetary shrink disc gearboxOff-the-Shelf Availability

Whatever the application, Rexnord provides a shaft-mounted solution. Eleven sizes, with 25 to 160 mm (1¾ to 612 ¾) bushing bores, can be found with energy rankings to 224kW (300 HP), 39 547 Nm (350, 000 lb.-in.) production. Production from 5 to 350 RPM. Horizontal /vertical installation. And Falk serves a whole world of programs with metric or inch input shafts/bushings, and motor mounts to match NEMA and IEC needs. Rexnord suppliers stock the Quadrive with standard elements in your area, in preferred sizes, along with accessories. Regional circulation facilities offer additional drives and components. Then when we state “off the shelf, ” we imply it.


Standard Bearings and Seals: substitution downtime is minimized with locally readily available bearings and seals. Producers’ numbers are posted.

  • Severe Duty Grease-Purged Viton Seals: manage high temperatures; prevent leakage and ultimate drive failure. Grease barrier traps abrasive pollutants before they are able to groove the shaft or go into the gear drive.
  • Longevity Gearing: Falk’s helical design features large hardness, surface completed teeth with a larger face for optimum load carrying capacity.
  • A complete type of Accessories: an entire accessory package includes V-belt guards, torque hands, motor mounts, backstops, air conditioning fans along with other money and time saving options.

Planetgear Reducers

Planetgear reducers provide many advantages. Self-aligning equipment train, double row self-aligning bearings, sub assemblies for quick recovery of most ratios and large surprise load threshold. Ratios offered by 3.5:1 through 7052:1 and torque ratings to 650, 000 lb in. Planetgear reducers tend to be durable, efficient and easily obtainable.



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