Nema 34 8N.m Hybrid servo

Industrial Stepper Motor

The plug-and-play EVK-3052x Evaluation system contains all necessary tough- and computer software necessary to get a grip on the AMIS-305xx and AMIS-304xx microstepping going engine motorist from your PC. The user-friendly Graphical interface (GUI) can help you operate the Evaluation system in an easy way. A number of GUI settings are supplied which makes it user-friendly when it comes to first-time individual yet still extremely flexible when it comes to more knowledgeable one.
To demonstrate just how AMIS-305xx and AMIS-304xx can be utilized in an actual life applications the system can connect to an exterior microcontroller board through devoted headers regarding Motherboard. The GUI will show you through the entire procedure which makes the Evaluation Kit the ideal discovering device.
The supplied Motherboard offers a lot of versatility throughout your development process. Quick access to many indicators tends to make debugging super easy and provides the likelihood to connect the Evaluation system with your own application which all lowers the development time.
Assessment of all of the AMIS-305xx stepper engine drivers is made quite easy in the shape of split stamp modules (sold independently).

Orderable Daughterboards:

System Needs and Content

Evaluation Kit Content
  • Motherboard with connectors, test pins and plug for stamps.
  • USB-to-CAN/SPI program (isolated)
  • Two-phase stepper engine with connector
  • Universal power-supply: input 100 - 240V~47-63Hz 0.7A / result 12V= 2A
  • Storage field

Minimal System Needs
  • 500MHz Processor
  • 128MB RAM
  • 30 MB of no-cost disk area (.NET Framework 2.0 perhaps not included)



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