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Motor Trader Industry Awards

The Sales Manager of the Year Award, sponsored by Dealerweb, highlights the crucial role played by product sales managers in franchised and independent sites.

The successful supervisors need to show how they implemented and led effective product sales programmes and excelled in client satisfaction and retention.

Customer testimonials would also help entries.

  • Ready to accept product sales managers in franchised and independent internet sites.
  • Supervisors want to show how they implemented and led successful product sales programs
  • 12 months on 12 months product sales figures and customer testimonials would also support entries
  • Entrants need certainly to submit a supporting declaration (500 word maximum) detailing why they should be considered because of this prize


2015 Dario Veira, Cargiant

2014 Liam Cusack, Benfield Skoda (Newcastle)

2013 Allen Blake, Corkills Wigan

2012 Allen Blake, Corkills Wigan


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