Automotive Industry Overview

Automotive industry Overview

Automotive Industry regarding the Netherlands (c) FIERAutomotive Industry associated with the


Local and market requirements

The automotive business within the

Netherlands uses more or less 45.700 folks split over OEM's, vendors, R&D organizations alongside automotive companies.

Overall, the automotive industry is among the main companies into the Netherlands. The key drivers of this Dutch economic climate tend to be sectors like transport/logistics, trading and services. Production industries tend to be less dominant within the

Netherlands versus various other European countries. Within the manufacturing sectors, automotive is amongst the primary industries.

Geographically the automotive industry is targeted inside south-eastern the main Netherlands (over 50% associated with the Dutch automotive work is to be discovered right here) because mid-eastern an element of the Netherlands is house for most automotive businesses. Of these areas, automotive is a vital business for work and development.

The automotive business in Netherlands is part of a broader automotive area including Belgium/Flanders and North Rhine-Westphalia (

Germany). For future development this cross-border region and especially the triangle Leuven-Aachen-Eindhoven will become of significant relevance for development.

Vehicle Manufacturers

The customers for Dutch car producers are good. Producing trucks and buses has increased every year since 1997. DAF Trucks features seen strong growth in volume and share of the market lately, getting one of many top European heavy-duty vehicle manufacturers (>14% share of the market in EU). In The Netherlands DAF Trucks develops, styles and assembles full vehicles, including engines, for areas all over the globe. More over, the

Netherlands hosts . There are many trailer manufacturers in The Netherlands (eg. Nooteboom, Broshuis, Jumbo).

The mentor and coach builders of

Netherlands are focused into the . The team produced more or less 3.200 busses in 2008 as well as the coach businesses inside the VDL team jointly use over 1.600 men and women. The merchandise can be bought under manufacturers as Bova and Berkhof. The group has actually a European share of the market of 10percent and it is the largest separate (not had by a truck maker) coach manufacturer...



Automotive industry Events
Automotive industry Events

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